New info on Sarah Connor Chronicles

In case you missed today’s Ausiello report over at TV Guide here’s the scoop…

The show is hunting for a couple of new regulars: Becky, a hot teenaged hipster, and Catherine, an unusually earthy business bigwig in her early forties. Which leads me to believe that young John is about to get a girlfriend. Because of the new teenager, I mean, not the 40-year-old female Bill Gates. Although, now that I mention it, he does have some mother issues.  

I don’t know how I feel about the addition of all these regulars. First Brian Austin Greene and now two more.  The one quibble I had with the show was that the last few episodes started to be Cameron with John and Sarah with Derek all the time.  The best dynamic on the show is Sarah and Cameron.  I’m simply transfixed whenever they have a scene together.  I don’t mind Derek and am curious to see what happens with him (I have a hunch he’s not going to be an ally for long) but I hope the writers at least continue to give us good storylines with the three main stars. 

The other things that makes me a little nervous about this info… I don’t mind some of the stuff in high school.  It adds some comic relief and I am curious about the whole painted doors in the hallway stuff.  But I am worried we’re going to go the way of Terminator: 90210.  Hopefully the writers will prove that my worries are completely unfounded.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Frank filled me in on the welcome news that FOX will start re-airing the first 9 eps in August leading up to the September premiere.  We can also expect the DVDs around that time. 


~ by promogirl on April 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “New info on Sarah Connor Chronicles”

  1. I’m really, really hoping Ausiello has his facts wrong. Hopefully this is more along the lines of characters to take the place of people like Morris or Agent Ellison. That I could see, give the other characters a break so they can explore other facets of the series universe for a while. And in that sense, it would allow for the same great dynamic between say Sarah and Cameron.

    If, on the other hand, the show is looking for people who’ll actually become title characters… Yikes…

    I’m assuming the “unusually earthy” person is supposed to be a software or computer genius? Maybe the next person of interest in the hunt for Skynet? Can’t figure out Becky though. I thought John had that thing for that quiet girl, Cheri? Though I suppose, if you’re right about Terminator: 90210…maybe it does make sense after all…ugh. But you know, based on the description of Becky, it sounds like she’s going to be less Shannon Daugherty and more Leigh Lezark…though unfortunately that’s just a disaster of a different sort.

    I’m actually starting to fear for this show. They could blow this.

  2. What Ausiello calls a regular may not be what we call a regular. I know only having three actors as a core cast puts a lot of strain on the them, but the show is magic when we’re dealing with just those three. I have nothing against new characters… Sarah, John and Cameron can’t exist in a vacuum… but I am worried about turning this into something teeny bopperish. The only episode I wasn’t crazy about was the one that largerly took place at the school. It had some laugh out loud moments, but I thought if I had to watch that type of episode each week I wouldn’t watch at all. We don’t have enough episodes, yet, to place unwavering trust in the writers and Friedman. Hopefully the first few eps of the second season will allay our fears.

  3. I have to agree. Because we know so little about the show or what direction they had ever planned is not clear, which leaves us viewers who were really hooked in a state of fear for the coming months. The foundation they have is very solid, if they stick with it and work around it, they really can have something. Also, adding extra cast members as more of a supporting role around the nucleus of Sarah, Cameron, and John makes sense.

    However, some of the tongue in cheek, campy humour does need to find it’s placing. This isn’t Buffy, and while I adored that show, I don’t want TSCC to turn into that kind of dynamic. Hopefully, the high school back round will remain just that.

  4. I agree with the Buffy worry. While Terminator: 90210 scares me, I really worry about them trying to turn it into some kind of Cameron the Terminator Slayer. Both of those old shows had larger high school elements, but that’s not what makes Terminator great, they need to stay back from that. Terminator is great when they get the mix just right, with only enough high school and robot humor to take the edge off the end of the world aspect, and to serve as a “safe” trap for the audience. An example would be how what started out as a funny discussion of birthday stuff on a field trip ended with Cameron shoving a dead guy in the trunk, and the mom/son talk about birthday fun ended with Cameron getting blown up. It’s a good mix. They really need to stick with it.

    My only hope in this, is that interview with Friedman where he said he had the series planned out for a few years, and how next season is supposed to show John taking on more of a leadership role. A 90210 aspect would detract from that, and the overall mission against Skynet. I want to believe the writers are aware of this.

  5. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that feels this way. Cameron the Terminator Slayer. That’s priceless.

    I agree with you both. I don’t want the high school stuff to go away. It gives us more insight into Cameron and John, but like Heather said, I want it to be background – not the main focus. Besides… the show is called The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Shouldn’t the show focus more on Sarah than the hell that high school can be?

  6. sherry says : I absolutely agree with this !

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