They’ll be back

It’s now apparently official… and thanks to my “source at FOX” for not yanking my chain on this one (not that I ever thought you would :-)).  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed according to TV Guide.

Can’t wait to see Cameron at the prom!  Assuming she survived that pesky Jeep explosion.

More Sarah, Cameron and John this fall can only be a good thing.  Now if FOX would pair this one with Dollhouse… what a night of TV that would be.



~ by promogirl on April 19, 2008.

12 Responses to “They’ll be back”

  1. Finally! It’s about time FOX! sheesh…making us go nuts here.

    Hey so have you noticed that FOX is gearing up for a LOT of sci-fi this fall? I just saw an article that rattled off like five new shows, and that’s not including bringing T:TSCC back. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just kind of wondering how exactly they’re going to make room for them all in the weekly schedule! 😉

  2. I wonder if FOX is adapting to the way audiences watch TV these days with all those new shows. Science fiction programs are often some of the most recorded and downloaded programs out there. They also get talked about more… more fan websites pop up about them… and lets not forget tie-ins and fan response. Your typical run of the mill drama rarely encourages all these things with the exception of programs with teeny bopper appeal (ie Gossip Girl).

    Or maybe they’e just in a sci-fi mood. 😉

    As for making room, Moment of Truth getting put in the trash where it belongs would free up at least one hour…

  3. I read something about the showrunner for Moment of Truth. It’s like the guy is HAPPY people think he’s the anti-Christ and it’s the most disgusting show on TV. He just points to the ratings and laughs. Ugh…

    And you know, what you said about sci-fi programs being the most recorded, having more buzz, more websites, etc. I read somewhere a while ago that this IS shaping up to be the age of the nerd. Geekiness is in I think, to a certain degree anyway. I think FOX sees the great untapped geek demographic out there, and they are loyal fans. And if you look at the shows that have taken off, it can be powerful. Look at Heroes. Heck, look at the one that started it all, the X-Files. FOX is probably dying to tap back into that. 24 and Idol can’t run forever, they’ll have to end sometime. Plus, I have to wonder, maybe FOX does understand how much brand damage they’ve suffered, and this is their attempt to fix it? Do you ever ask your friend at FOX about that, about the sci-fi fan perception of FOX?

  4. We’ve talked about it. I don’t think there is a person alive in the US that loves TV that isn’t aware of it. It’s like we talked about before… many of our friends were hesitant to watch Terminator because of FOX’s rep. I think the network is aware of the brand damage they’ve caused and that really worked in Sarah Connor’s favor. It also doesn’t hurt that it was such a high profile and critically well received show. It was the perfect vehicle to start repairing some of the damage they’ve done themselves.

    Somehow I knew the person behind Moment of Truth would be a pig. Ugh. He’s everything that’s wrong with television – along with the people who find that kind of programming to be “entertainment.” I’m sure they would have been first in line in Roman times to watch a good tiger mauling in the coliseum.

    I think you’re right about geekiness being in. Honestly I think everyone has that show they’re passionate about – it’s only since the internet has really flourished that more people seem comfortable expressing their craziness for a show. It’s actually seen as kind of cool now. 😉

  5. Well I hope they’re paying attention now, because the rumor of renewal is spreading like wildfire. And everywhere I look, sci-fi fans are happy, about FOX! 😉

    I’ll try to find that article about Moment of Truth, it’s really sad. Good analogy with the colosseum. I always tell people to give it twenty years and the networks really will try to air The Running Man. It’s the whole gladiatorial bloodsport nature of these shows that keeps attracting people. Nothing good will come of it.

    By the way, I wanted to tell you that I finished watching the first DVD for SG-1! My first impressions…cool tie-in with the movie, Showtime really wants you to know they don’t care about nudity, the mythology of the bad guys is getting interesting, and the best line was something to the effect of “they had to figure out a way to MacGuyver the gate”. I actually laughed at that line. Anyway, I’ll let you know what I think as I get farther in to the season. Looks promising though!

  6. First off… I think it’s funny that I spelled colosseum like the local venue where the Foo Fighters play when they’re in town. Jeez….

    Secondly… Yeah! You watched SG-1. Yeah, Showtime actually forced the nudity in there if you can believe that. The prducers didn’t want it and will apparently be taking that out with the updated version of the pilot they’re working on.

    And you should do a YouTube search about MacGuyver and Stargate. Amanda Tapping (Carter) plays a whopper or a practical joke on Richard Dean Anderson about that. Wait till you watch the final episode of the season 1, though, because it might spoil you a bit.

    And yeah, wouldn’t surprise me to see the real Running Man on TV. I’m actually shocked (pleasantly) that we don’t see executions at this point on bradcast television. Lord knows network news has been trying to get access to those for years…

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I cheated. I looked it up. 😉

    Kinda weird that they forced the nudity on them. I mean the show started in 1997, that was only a few years after the Stargate movie, which was pretty huge I think. Why not just trust in the show itself?

  8. Showtime obviously doesn’t think a program is suitable for their network if nudity isn’t involved. 😉

    You’ll find very few swear words for a cable series. I think at one point Jack says bulls**t and my eyes popped open. I had to remind myself that the show started out on cable!

    By the way, the gag I told you about? Just get through the episode “Solitudes.” I think that’s what it was called (also one of the best eps from season 1). It was during that episode that the prank took place. 😉

  9. Unfortunately I think all the networks would follow cable if they could. Then again, I saw something funny the other day about how HBO is apparently “just TV” again. lol!

    Thanks for the info on SG-1, I’ll be sure to check it out! 🙂

    Hey by the way, I was curious, have you heard any news on a SCC DVD release? I still haven’t seen anything. Which studio is actually the driving force behind the DVD? Would it be FOX because they air it, or is it Warner Brothers because they produce it?

  10. Let me see what I can find out about the DVDs. I imagine we’ll see them before the second season premiere. I would think August but maybe we’ll get lucky and get it sooner!

  11. THANK THE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What excellent, excellent news!

    And Promogirl, it was Solitudes that you were refering too. It was really an excellent episode as well, and the Amanda Tapping prank was funny, but that was the episode where you could really see the relationship between Carter and O’Neill develop past professional care and into a real close friendship.

  12. I loved that episode. It’s one of my favorites from season one. I think this is where we saw the Carter character finally grow into the Sam we know and love (along with Singularity).

    And that shot on the glacier… that looked both beautiful and wickedly cold!

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