The week that was…

A LOT happened last week in TV land. 

News came down, courtesy of TV Guide, that Gary Dourdan was leaving the role of Warrick on CSI.  Then came word Diane Neal was leaving Law & Order: SVU.  Adam Beach has also opted not to renew his contract with SVU.  Finally Khandi Alexander has apparently had enough of CSI: Miami.  Get ready for some new faces on your favorite shows this fall.

Now rumors are starting to swirl that Neal and Dourdan were fired.  Go figure.  I think both actors do a pretty dang good job and I’ll be sad to see them go.  In Alexander’s case is seems perhaps she wanted to depart.  She’ll be missed as well.  As for Beach… he’s pretty and a decent actor, but he came between the always enjoyable partnership of Munch and Finn.  I hope the producers put them back together ASAP.  The show hasn’t been the same, or as enjoyable, since they split that team up and relegated Richard Belzer to a background player.

In other news… Dollhouse continues to get new residents.  This time Joss Whedon is turning to an Angel alum.  Amy Acker (Fred) will play the role of Dr. Claire Saunders.  Thanks to Frank for the info… and the link…!

Finally, just a quick note about Firefly and Serenity

I  watched the series and the movie.  I think I understand the browncoats’ passion for the series now.  I wish FOX had aired the series the way Whedon and Minear wanted them to.  Had I seen it in the order it was meant to be seen I have no doubt I would have been on board.  I’ll post an entry about both in more detail soon.  The movie was simply a piece of awesome.  I rented it – but I’m going to need that one for my collection.  And thanks to Frank again for pointing out terminator Vick from Sarah Connor Chronicles in the scene in the records room.  I totally didn’t see him when I watched it the first time!



~ by promogirl on April 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “The week that was…”

  1. So far the cast alone, not to mention the creative genius of Joss Whedon is worth Dollhouse. I loved Fred on Angel. Though Buffy was clearly a superior show to Angel, it was still a really interesting show with some really tweisted and engaging character’s. So why not use these actors again? If it isn’t broke, no need to fix it.

    I’m glad you loved Serenity. I couldn’t convince anyone to hit the theatre with me to see it, so I went solo. I am so glad I need. It was a total Joss Whedon-Firefly fanfest. Good times.

  2. just an added note, there are serious talks about malking straight to DVD Serenity sequels since the theatre release flopped but the DVD sales were so high. So there may be more for our character’s in the future.

  3. So you saw him! Cool!

    I’m curious to hear what you thought of all the changes Joss made from the series to the film. Things like the music, the settings, the compressed story. To me it seems he pulled a lot of the “Western” aspect out of it for the film.

    By the way I highly recommend the Collector’s Edition Serenity if you’re going to buy it. It’s more money, but the cast commentary is just awesome! Oh, and Joss also talks some about what he had in store for Firefly season two. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

    I really hope FOX does right by Dollhouse, good timeslot and good promotion. The show seems like it’s revving up to be just totally kick ass.

  4. DVD movies with the Serenity crew??? I am so there. That would be awesome. It won’t be quite the same without Wash and Book, but I’d love to see Serenity fly again.

    And Frank… I’ll take your advice on the collector’s edition. Some things are worth paying a few extra bucks for!

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