Interesting casting news…

So if you like Blood Ties, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, the L-Word, or Stargate: Atlantis I have some news for you that involves all four.  Got your attention, yet?

According to Joseph Mallozzi (showrunner for Stargate: Atlantis – see the link on the right) Christina Cox from Blood Ties, Nicole de Boer from Deep Space Nine and the Dead Zone, and Janina Gavankar from the L-Word  have all been cast for an upcoming episode of Atlantis in season 5.  I believe de Boer has a recurring role, but all three actresses will comprise an all female SGA team led by new recurring character Major Alicia Vega (Leela Savasta).  Kind of cool, huh?


~ by promogirl on April 12, 2008.

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  1. Is Stargate Atlantis as good, worse, or better than Stargate SG-1? I’ve started researching both, and while Atlantis looks interesting I still haven’t talked myself into buying nine or ten seasons of SG-1 yet. If I bought the first season of both to try them out would I be lost watching Atlantis, do you have to see SG-1 first?

    By the way, some neat cult sci-fi trivia about Nicole de Boer, she actually played The Math Student, in the movie Cube.

  2. And one of Nicole de Boer’s co-stars in Cube was David Hewlett – who plays Rodney McKay on Atlantis. 😉 It will be a little reunion.

    I’m sort of partial to SG-1 myself. I always thought that cast had the best chemistry. Rent season one with the knowledge that all the characters will grow and evolve over the season. Sam starts out sounding like a raving feminist but she doesn’t stay that way for long. In fact they make fun of her first scene in later seasons.

    As for whether SGA is better or worse than SG-1… it’s just different. Some fans like one more than another. I think it comes down to which cast you like the best. It took me awhile before I got into Atlantis. I only rented the DVDs because the Carter character crossed over after SG-1 ended. The pilot for Atlantis, however, was pretty darn impressive. And the score for both shows is awesome – motion picture quality type stuff.

    You could watch Atlantis without seeing SG-1 but you’d be missing out on a few things. The Rodney character got his start on SG-1… and Weir had a few episodes as well.

    I don’t know if any of that helps or if it just confuses you more!

    And BTW… Serenity is in the mail. I should have it by Tuesday. 😉

  3. Wow that does sound like a reunion. I suppose as long as they stick to the prime numbered Stargates they should be okay. 😉

    I try to give shows at least some slack on their first season, so if a character is a bit out of balance it probably won’t bother me. The actors, writers and directors are still finding each other, the show has to find or keep it’s audience, etc. I mean if it doesn’t interest me yeah I’ll probably stop watching, but if I like the premise I try to find at least some redeeming value in it to see where they go. I’ve been lucky though recently in picking shows that go a lot further and actually surprise me from the start. So far the recent list is Terminator, Heroes and now Veronica Mars. Now I’ve heard Heroes season two sucked, but I haven’t seen it yet and so I’m holding off the critics until I see it. Terminator was just, well, you know. 😉 And VM is just intriguing. The entire first season is kind of like a mystery novel that someone is reading to you, except the heroine isn’t Nancy Drew, it’s like Sydney Bristow – the High School Years. She’s a blend of techno-geeky Buffy/Alias-ness with all the mystery and none of the martial arts.

    If you think I’ll be missing a few things in Atlantis I’ll probably pick up SG-1 first. Kinda cool that they both have a motion picture-like score though. That was one thing I thought was wrong with Firefly. The score and intro was just way too Western TV serial for me. I didn’t like it. I actually liked Serenity’s soundtrack more, Joss had to redo it all in the motion picture vein. And on Tuesday you’ll see what I mean! 😉

  4. Joel Goldsmith is the composer for both Atlantis and SG-1. The score for Ark of Truth was just beautiful. I’ve already pre-ordered mine…

    And I didn’t care for Firefly’s theme much but there were occasional pieces of music I liked. Not enough to buy a CD, though.

    Hmm. Sydney Bristow the High School Years. I’d have watched that! I loved Alias… and the blooper reels on the DVDs were awesome. I loved when Jennifer Garner turned around and walked smack into that chainlink fence. I rolled. She seems like a pretty cool person to work with.

    You’ve reminded me that I need to rent VM. I saw a lot of the episodes for season one but not all of them.

    I also loved Heroes in season one. Season two… not as much, but it was really starting to pick up right before the strike.

    You’ll have to let me know what you think of SG-1. It’s very different from the movie. The first 5 seasons were done on Showtime so there might be the occasional swear word (or nude season in the case of the pilot). I was a bit surprised when I watched it, thinking for some reason that it had always been on SciFi. Once I realized it originally aired on Showtime it all made perfect sense. 😉

  5. Oh… and I’ll have you know I upgraded my Netflix plan so I would get Serenity faster!

  6. See now I’m really hoping you like Serenity. Otherwise I’ll be responsible for recommending a bad film and making you pay more for Netflix. 😉

    Ah okay so you’ve seen part of VM, that’s cool. I didn’t think my analogies were doing it justice. Except for Sydney Bristow – The High School Years. I’d watch that too!

    haha…the first five seasons… Oh how I hope Terminator will get that many out of FOX! Just imagine how awesome that would be! 🙂

  7. I’m not worried. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like Serenity. 😉 It’s got so many actors I really enjoy it will be hard to screw it up!

    If Terminator churns out episodes that were the quality of the first nine – I’m there for five years easy. I just have one niggling fear that they’ll turn the show into Terminator 90210 with all the high school stuff. So far they’re balancing it just right. I’m crossing my fingers that it will stay that way!

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  9. Yeah Terminator 90210 would be a problem. haha…and also peg the irony meter! 😉

    But I think they’ll keep the mix about the same. At least I hope they do. I mean high school drama or not, they’re still kind of on a countdown to armageddon. Remember this awesome exchange from that Sarah/Cameron scene in Heavy Metal?

    Sarah: I can’t believe I let him talk me into this. You try to open your hands just a little, and it’s too soon.

    Cameron: Is it? The world ends in four years.

    Such a cool scene. haha…what on EARTH is taking them so long to release that DVD box set?

  10. I just have to add to the discussion about Stargate (both of them) and the amazing score. Promogirl is right. It’s motion picture quality and in some cases better. I’m partial to the opening score of Atlantis. I think it’s possibily the best ever on television. It’s incredibly palpable.

    As far as SG-1 and Atlantis are concerned, I love them both, but I’m also partial to SG-1. Atlantis is great, but it’s a completely different show than SG-1 was, even though their character’s often have interludes in each other’s galaxies.

    You can watch Atlantis without the foreknowledge of SG-1, but it’s better if you watch SG-1 first. However, ten seasons is a lot of ground to cover, so why not just try them both?

    And Promogirl, I finally saw the Ark Of Truth. It was goooood.

  11. Scary to think Continuum is supposed to be even better than Ark of Truth, isn’t it? I really, really hope MGM will give us many more movies. I do hope Continuum has some more Sam/Daniel friendship scenes. As much as I love Vala ever since she showed up Sam and Daniel just don’t spend much time together anymore!

    And Atlantis does have an awesome theme song. 😉

  12. I hear you about Daniel and Carter. I really loved that she was always the go-between of O’Neill and Daniel when they’d have disagreements, being both military and and a scientist. One thing I don’t like about her on Atlantis is that she has limited interaction with McKay and their usual bantering, but her technological knowledge really hasn’t been explored or utilized as much. I think they left her character too static on there, and she just became a familiar body to fill the shoes of Weir. So, I’m hoping their are more SG-1 movies ahead for her to really flourish as Carter again.


  13. Okay I laughed out loud at your sign off. I haven’t heard that one in awhile. 😉

    I saw a photo from Continuum that hard Carter and Daniel side by side. I’m seriously hoping we get to get back in touch with that friendship.

    And I was really bummed that they didn’t do more with Sam on Atlantis. What makes me really angry is that Carter is being replaced in Season 5. She’s basically being fired (the character – not the actress). Couldn’t the writers come up with another reason for her to leave?

    So what do you think of them putting Woolsey in charge? I’m a bit squeamish on that one. Love the actor… not so sure about this move, though.

  14. 🙂

    I feel like they dropped the ball with Carter, and it’s not Amanda Tappings fault. But it also created this weird discomfort for the people intereacting with her character as well. I just don’t understand at all. I was surprised they had a military leader anyway when Atlantis was clearly supposed to be run by a civilian.

    I enjoy Woosley a lot, but in charge? And as a prevelant role. I’m biting my nails in discouragement though I hope I am wrong.

    How do you feel about Kellar? I think she has been one of the really positive additions.

  15. I like Kellar. I’m not so sure what the big deal is with some fans and that character. I actually really liked the friendship that seemed to be forming between her and Sam. And I’m intrigued about the possibility of her and Rodney. I would have laughed at that at the beginning of the season but by the end I saw a lot of potential there!

    I’ve just recently gotten around to watching Firefly. Last night I watched Serenity. Jewel Staite was a riot on both. Stargate really is a haven for sci-fi fans missing some of their favorites. SG-1 gave Farscape fans their fix and Firefly fans got to see what Inara would be like as an evil “god.” Atlantis gives Firefly fans Kaylee and now Christina Cox from Blood Ties and Nicole de Boer from Star Trek DS9. Gotta love it!

  16. Okay, I finally picked up the first season of SG-1 the other day. So begins the journey! I guess it’ll be a few seasons before I see any of the Firefly and Farscape people though.

    And you know it’s interesting, talking about sci-fi fans missing their favorites, Veronica Mars actually turned into a mini Buffy-alumni haven for a while. Both Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan had recurring roles, and Joss Whedon actually had a guest role for one episode (which makes perfect sense actually, because he was totally bonkers for the show)! btw I have to say, he was actually pretty funny.

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