Resist or Die

I believe that was the slogan way back when for “V” the miniseries.  Let me date myself here.  I was in junior high school when “V” made its way to television and I was utterly fascinated.  I think it became my first experience geeking out over a television show.

Here’s a picture to refresh your memory.

And to think I thought those glasses and uniforms were just the coolest thing ever.  They seem kind of cheesy now, huh?

Now the series itself was just plain bad.  They got away from everything that made the miniseries so good and thought provoking.  Not to mention the fact that they just kept killing off character after character.  But when I heard that executive producer Kenneth Johnson was planning on doing another chapter to the story I was thrilled.  When I hear Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Robert Englund, and Jane Badler were all interested in participating I was downright giddy.

According to here is the tag-line for the new miniseries.  “Twenty years ago, the Earth was taken. Now it’s time to take it back.”  Heh.  I am so there.

I’ll post more as I hear it.  And if you hear more let me know! 😉


~ by promogirl on April 9, 2008.

11 Responses to “Resist or Die”

  1. Wow, that picture brings back memories. Those glasses are huge!

    So what was the deal with the big shocker when they delivered somebody’s baby? Wasn’t there some human/alien hybrid thing going on?

  2. Those glasses are huge… and I remember thinking they were so cool at the time. Ick.

    Elizabeth was the human/lizard baby. The “Earth Child” or “Star Child” or something like that. I remember they gave her some weird powers or something in the series. It was kind of lame.

  3. She had powers? Weird. I didn’t think the lizards had any powers? Well, I do remember one…scene, I guess…where there was an accident, and a human was trapped and one of the lizards saved him? It was like they were freezing or something. I can’t remember, except that the lizard saved him because they were friends.

    Okay, I’ve just decided that my memory for this show is TERRIBLE. hahaha! I may have to buy it just to check out the uniforms again.

    Wonder if they’ll get new uniforms and glasses in the new show?

  4. I think she did have powers. My memory is a little fuzzy as well. I do remember her having a lizard tongue because they almost dropped her when that thing came snaking out after delivery!

    As I recall, Elizabeth was one of two babies (the other more lizard-like). Lizard baby died and they used what they found out about his death to create the “red dust” that was used to kill the Visitors in the miniseries.

  5. Okay, sorry for going off topic, but this is wild, apparently FOX is plotting a new release of Firefly! 🙂

    Blu-ray HD and it will apparently have all new cast commentaries, which should be awesome. The Special Edition Serenity DVD cast commentary was excellent! haha…by the way I love how the people at FOX were stunned at how fast word traveled.

  6. Oh wow, I totally forgot all of that about creating the “red dust”. I really do have to watch the mini-series again. All this talk kind of has me psyched to see it now too!

    I actually kind of like watching old sci-fi. I love seeing how the story and the effects hold up over time. In fact sometimes I think movies are better without the latest and greatest. In that sense I think Alien is still one of the best sci-fi/terror films ever. Amazing how potent it is even after all this time.

  7. I still think the original Star Wars was at its best before Lucas started trying to “improve” it. Some of the effects in “V” don’t hold up well over time, though. Especially when Diana eats that guninea pig or whatever it was. I remember being so freaked out by it but when I saw it years later I almost laughed myself off the couch it was so bad.

    And Alien still scares me s**tless. 😉

  8. You may have already seen it, but if you get the latest Alien DVD, Ridley Scott has a commentary where he talks about the special effects. It’s kind of funny to realize that the original egg-layer that comes out of the first egg? Ridley Scott’s hands inside rubber gloves!

    I don’t remember the guinea pig seen from “V”! I must have tuned out all the scary parts. I remember their ships, and the arrival. I always loved anything science-y, so when they talked about how big their ships were compared to the Space Shuttle I was all over it. 😉

    Right there with you on Star Wars. I tried to like the improvements…and then came the Mos Eisley cantina scene. That was it for me, unforgivable. Which is why I’ll never get rid of my old THX edition of the original trilogy, before any of the added scenes.

    As far as the new movies (episode 1, 2, 3), well…I did love the special effects, and I loved the sheer grandness of the films, but to me they were really, really bad story-wise. I didn’t buy it, any of it. The second film had a hint of mystery in it, but then even that fell flat. I really only kept watching them because I love the Star Wars universe and for the lightsaber battles.

  9. I was fortunate enough to get to see the first of the new Star Wars films two weeks before the general public. A bunch of TV and radio folks were selected to screen the film and we were given special passes to get in at a designated time and location to see it. My boss and I were both so psyched. We went to film school because of the original Star Wars trilogy. We dragged another co-worker along who had never seen any of them. Then we sat through the first ten minutes of the movie.

    I remember looking at my boss at that point. We both probably looked completely crushed. Our co-worker thought we were nuts for liking anything that badly written and acted. It was painful.

    Yeah, the cantina scene put me off the “improved” editions. It was fine the way it was!

    I bet if you go to YouTube and search “V” and “guniea pig” it will be on there. Really, really bad effect by today’s standards. 🙂

    And no, I haven’t checked out the latest Alien DVD. I’ll add that one to my list!

  10. Yikes! That’s terrible. I guess the only good thing is at least you didn’t pay for the tickets!

    I do remember that same sinking feeling though. Good lord was it bad…I actually drove to Dallas to see Phantom Menace with some college friends. I remember, after seeing the Trade Federation guys bumbling about and then Jar Jar opened his mouth, I literally felt sick, I really could not believe I was watching THE Star Wars movie I had waited so long for. And then the acting just got worse, and the story got worse…I mean, choosing to entrust everything to a pod race? Seriously?? Was there no other way to set that up? What’s wrong with like, I don’t know, stealing the hyperdrive unit or something? They were willing to lie-cheat-and steal anyway about the pod and the boy, why not just take the thing and repay the guy later? Ugh…anyway, I could go on. But as someone who loved Star Wars and who’s hobby is writing, gosh that was painful.

    Oh yeah, I forgot “V” is probably all over YouTube! I’ll have to do a search. 🙂

    haha…hey by the way, you know what I recommend almost more than Alien? There was this movie made from this TV show by this guy who’s like this aspiring actor, he had some guest part on Veronica Mars and some show called Angel actually. His name is Whedman, Whedo, Joss somebody. Anyway, his film, Serenity, really interesting, you should check it out when you get a chance! 😉

  11. You’re so subtle. 😉 I promise to watch Serenity in the next few weeks. With any luck I’ll get to it in the next couple of days.

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