'Short Circuit' 

First “Dancing With the Stars” brought Steve Guttenberg back to life and now Dimension Films is hoping to do the same with one of The Gutt’s most enduring films.

According to Variety, Dimension has acquired the remake rights for the 1986 robotics comedy “Short Circuit.”

The original film, directed by John Badham, starred Ally Sheedy, Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens and Tim Blaney as the voice of Number 5, a military-designed robot that gains unexpected consciousness after being hit by lightning. Number 5 decides he isn’t interested in practicing war anymore and he goes AWOL.

S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, scribes on the first film and its sequel, have been brought in to work on the remake which, Variety emphasizes “will be similar in theme to the original, but it will factor in advances in technology.”

David Foster, Ryan E. Heppe and John Hyde will produce.

Okay.  The first movie was cute.  I know a few friends who still quote Fisher Stevens’ line “I am standing here beside myself.”  But is this a movie that needs to be remade or re-imagined as Hollywood likes to call it?  It seems more and more that Hollywood is running out of original ideas.  First Knight Rider comes back and now this.  What a weird week of news from tinseltown. 

~ by promogirl on April 5, 2008.

31 Responses to “Seriously???”

  1. I love how they say it will “factor in advances in technology”. I don’t think they even realize how advanced they made the original Johnny 5.

    But then that’s more a result of Hollywood’s 80s era of sci-fi plots, where computers could do anything (Knight Rider, TRON, Automan, War Games, Superman III, Skynet). This is not to be confused with the 90s, where “the Internet” and hackers could do anything (The Net, Hackers), or the 70s, where special people could do anything (Steve Austin, Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman).

    Though honestly I’d take any of those eras over the era we’re in now, where it appears remakes can do anything. 😉

    By the way, you know it’s interesting, but the one sci-fi idea that seems to have escaped the actual remake era is Terminator, which I guess is because the story is so ripe to just continue right on into the future as a current story. Kinda neat. In fact that might be why I love SCC so much too. It gives us an original story within an existing mythology.

  2. That’s an interesting notion about Terminator. I think I would have to agree with you on that. It’s a continuation rather than a retread. It gives us a story rich in its own mythology but because of the sci-fi angle it isn’t tied to it.

    Automan. Wow. Forgot about that one. 😉

    And you are so right about how the decades break down like that. I never considered that before. I so wanted Bionic Woman to work and was really bummed when it didn’t. Battlestar managed a truly rare distinction of being immeasurably better than the original. Since Bionic Woman had so many BSG ties I was hyped for the new series – expecting a character both fascinated and repulsed by her new body… and perhaps rather frightened of it, too. We had a hint that there was a short life expectancy for people like Jamie and we saw what would eventually happen to her as we watched Sara come undone both physically and mentally. Yet the plot point was just tossed casually out there and never really played with. The show could have been so awesome and they absolutely ruined it. Shame.

  3. hahaha…Yep, Automan. My superpower of watching shows that get canceled manifested at a very early age. 😉

    Okay so check this out. This is NBC, saying how they won’t let Knight Rider become like Bionic Woman…and Terminator.

    Bionic Woman, I mean based on what you’ve said, then yes, the show runners let everyone down. But I don’t know how they can honestly talk about Terminator like it’s a failed show. To me it’s like they’re trying to throw cold water on the competition.

  4. Okay I’m not sure I even want to watch this. NBC having the balls to compare Knight Rider with Terminator? What the hell? The reboot of Knight Rider was apparently nothing more than a big Ford commercial. These are the same people who kept saying, “you’ve never seen a car like this before” about the new KITT. Yes, I have. It’s called a Mustang. They looked a lot like that when I was a kid.

    Jeez. Even the thought that Knight Rider would even be in the same league as Terminator makes me twitchy. They’re just talking trash. And looking like the idiots they are. Terminator debuted to pretty darn good reviews. Bionic Woman? Not so much. And Knight Rider? It got thrashed.


    I’ll watch it later after I calm down. 😉

  5. I think if they had any balls they’d have no problem with their “excellent show” running up against anything the competition could throw at it. Personally I think they’re just terrified the ratings WILL drop out from under them because the show has little to no buzz that I’ve seen, or positive press, and they’re trying to make some. I mean seriously who’s clamoring for it? Are there even any fansites? Everything I’ve read is “uh…a series? For reals? Oooookaaay, whatever…”

    And the funny thing is, originally I really just didn’t care one way or the other about what NBC did. If they made a show, fine, but I didn’t plan to watch. The movie was ridiculous, and I think the story was fine being left in the past. It’s classic 80s and a part of my childhood. But see now I’m going to spread this link around, to every Terminator fan site I can find. There’s no way I’m letting this go unnoticed.

    By the way, I love the part where NBC then decided to talk up the fact that the KR show runner wrote the script for The Fast and The Furious and the story for Hollow Man. You know, because both of those are obviously the very definition of excellence… 😉

  6. For crying out loud. Is NBC trying to look stupid or does it just come naturally? Are The Fast and the Furious and Hollow Man the types of entertainment they’re aspiring to? That’s not something I would brag about.

    I have no issues with the network doing a new Knight Rider but from everything I’ve heard it really, really sucked. Most people that I know watched it couldn’t even make it to the end. Now I know it’s possible the writers might actually manage to pull off a decent 44 minutes of brainless entertainment every week but to compare it to a show like Terminator should be a criminal offense.

    Now I will say this… Remember the mini-series “V?” Word is that a new book and mini-series (series?) is on the way from the executive producer Kenneth Johnson. That is something I’m excited about. Look at me. Embracing my inner geek again… 🙂

  7. Ah hah! So that’s why they’ve recently released a flood of V: the mini-series, and V: The Series DVDs. I was wondering what was going on that it was reappearing on the shelves. Well, okay, it could be that Best Buy was just restocking…but, I’m sticking with my theory. 😉

    So is it a remake or, what do they call it, a re-imagining? Or are they just continuing the story? I did like the concept of the original, I always like alien-takeover stories, but for some reason I never got into that one.

    Oh, speaking of mini-series from the 80s – though this is decidedly very UN-scifi. Remember the mini-series Nobel House? I have been waiting for that one for so long that it’s kind of become a search for the holy grail of sorts. I love the book, and my sister loved the mini-series, so I was wanting to buy it so we could share it, but it was NEVER released, not even on VHS I think. Looks like they finally got around to it. I find it wild too that it was just released and it’s already sold out.

  8. Okay, weird…for some reason my last comment never posted. I typically grab a copy of comments before I hit post just in case my browser freezes, so I went ahead and tried to repost it. But the funny thing is WordPress gave me a message that said I was double posting! Apparently my comment is there, just invisible, which is kind of ironic considering how we were just talking about Hollow Man. 🙂 Anyway can you see it in with the comment spam or anything?

  9. I remember Nobel House but I don’t think I ever saw it. I was on a similar search for a far less intelligent movie called Night of the Comet. It was this really campy, cheesy horror movie from the late eighties/early nineties. They took FOREVER to release that one on DVD so I know how you feel. I don’t know why I like the silly movie but I do. I have friends who still quote it randomly. Apparently they are making a sequal now with the same cast. Can’t wait!

    Word Press recently changed up their dashboard and all sorts of weird problems have been cropping up. They had tossed you in my spam folder! Sorry about that. 😉

  10. You know I’ve probably seen Night of the Comet and I just don’t know it. Late night cable is notorious for showing every campy, cheesy horror movie there ever was. 😉 Kinda wild how they’re actually making a sequel with the same cast!

    By the way I looked up the new V series. Is this the one you’re talking about? Apparently they’re saying twenty years has passed, so it appears to be a sequel and not a remake. And they’re saying part of the original cast is interested in being involved. Looks pretty interesting!

    He described the scenario of the novel as being “like Paris in 1943, where you could have a cappuccino on the Champs Elysee if you don’t mind the Wehrmacht sitting next to you and all of your Jewish friends disappeared.” He said that certain members of the original cast, such as Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler, and Robert Englund, are interested in the project.

  11. That’s the one! I’m very curious to see what they do with it. The mini-series was great. The show… eh.

    You should rent Night of the Comet if you can find it. Two Valley girls left to defend mankind from zombies. I kid you not. 😉 There are a few parts that actually made me jump but it’s mostly just a good laugh. I do wonder how they got to shoot LA in such away that they made it look completely abandoned. It really is so bad it’s good. lol

  12. haha…wait isn’t that the plot for every zombie movie? 😉 But no, actually I love “so bad it’s good” movies. I get sucked into those all the time.

    Right now though I’m having a bit of a TV-on-DVD festival. I’m making actual progress on my list of shows that I never watched and have been meaning to buy the series. This weekend was Veronica Mars, I decided to see what all the positive press was about. I’m half-way through season one. I’ve been pretty surprised so far, almost as surprised as I was when I first started watching Heroes. It’s very smart, and Amazon was spot on with their review that it was “Buffy meets The O.C. as penned by Raymond Chandler”. After this I’ll start watching the last two seasons of Babylon 5, and then Lost…from the beginning! Well, IF they release it all on blu-ray by then. What’s with them only releasing Season 3??

    And no, I don’t actually have the time to watch all these shows, but this is the only way I’m staving off my Terminator withdrawal right now. I really do miss that show. 🙂

  13. Hey by the way, that’s a really cool new graphic for the page header!

  14. Have you been to recently? They have an article from this woman who said Lena Headey wasn’t a good casting choice. Wait till you see who she says would have been better…

    I think Lena rocks as Sarah. I saw the first two films and I’m a fan of Linda Hamilton (yeah, I watched Beauty & the Beast), but Lena just owns the TV series role. Her scenes with both Summer and Thomas are awesome. I have no idea what this woman is talking about.

    Welcome to the Lost bandwagon. Hold on tight. It’s a crazy ride. 🙂

    Veronica Mars, huh? I watched a lot of the first season. I love the pilot where she tells her father she’ll take backup with her – and backup winds up being the name of the dog. I still need to rent the rest as well. This is after I get around to watching Serenity, of course…

    Are you a Battlestar Galatica fan? I need to post a comment or two about the premiere… which I thought was pretty frakin’ awesome. I’m so glad to have new TV back it isn’t even funny. I wish Criminal Minds had opened with something a little better, though. That ep was kind of a letdown.

    And I’ll settle for FOX telling me that Terminator is coming back at this point. The wait is killing me.

  15. Yeah I saw it. I’ve taken to searching for SCC news every day now to see if FOX says anything about renewal. 😉 I have no idea what she’s smoking. Julianna is awesome, but she isn’t Sarah Connor. Lena does own that role now. I mean Linda Hamilton is great (I’ll see your Beauty & the Beast and raise you a Dante’s Peak!) and she’ll always own the movie roles. But you know, the way I look at it, she changed quite a bit between T1 and T2, so why can’t she change a little for the series? I think Lena has done an awesome job. But I don’t know, this isn’t as bad as that group out of Britain that was upset because she wasn’t buff or tough enough. I mean seriously?? That’s their complaint? Did they even know Lena boxes? Like, for real. BOXES! How is that not tough enough?

    I’ve heard Lost is wild. I haven’t started yet, BSG yet either. Can’t wait to start them both though! 🙂

    haha…yeah that was a good scene with the dog. She was good with a taser too. Actually what I find interesting about the show, is that just as with Buffy how Joss found cool ways to weave supernatural plots into the high school experience, with VM they’re doing it with mysteries. I’m curious to see if they can maintain the pace through the entire season. If they can I’ll be pretty impressed.

  16. I didn’t know Lena boxed. Is there anything that woman can’t do? I did a search for her on YouTube and found this movie called Imagine Me & You. The scene I watched was where she’s dancing with another actress and they were really getting down. She’s a pretty good dancer! There were also a few trailers up of the film. Apparently Lena plays a character named Luce who falls for another woman. It looks like a British romantic comedy. There were some pretty funny bits in the trailer. I’ll have to add this one to my Netflix list along with 300.

    I think I’m going to have to rent The Unit to see Summer Galu’s episodes. Yet another one to add to my list. Fortunately I’ve seen Thomas Dekker in Heroes.

    Yeah, Lost is a head trip. So is BSG but in a very different way. It’s a real shame BSG never got any Emmy love. Some of the performances are amazing.

    So what else is on your list?

  17. Psst. Hey frank… If you’re checking back… I’ve got good news for you. Terminator will return this fall with a full 22 episode order. Hope that makes your day a little brighter. 😉

  18. There’s an interview with Josh Friedman where he talks about her boxing, but for some reason I can only find references to it when I search Google and not the actual interview. It’s odd. But anyway, if you search for “Lena Headey not buff enough boxing” or something like that you’ll see lots of stuff. Anyway that’s cool that she can dance! I thought Summer was the only dancer on the show. Her ballet scene just made The Demon Hand, it was phenomenal. By the way, fyi, when they made Serenity, the martial arts choreography guys actually said they took the job just to work with her, because her dancing gave her a range and ability that most other actors would never have. When you watch it you’ll see what they mean, she’s just awesome in it. 🙂

    I didn’t know Summer was in The Unit, I may have to pick that up. I know she’s in The 4400 though. I haven’t seen it yet but apparently she was in Season Two. It’s on my list for DVD’s. I’ve seen Thomas in Heroes too, but the funny thing is, even after starting to watch Terminator I didn’t realize that was him! I think it was the hair.

    As for my list… What I haven’t watched yet is all of BSG and Lost, Heroes Season Two, Veronica Mars Season Two and Three. I also want to see Starhunter, Space:Above and Beyond, the last two seasons of Babylon 5, and any and all TV shows starring Summer Glau. That should…should hold me over until Season Two of Terminator. Or until we start planning on picketing FOX. 😉

  19. W00t!!!! OMG! No way! They bought the FULL SEASON?!! That’s AWESOME!! 😀

  20. So hey where did you hear about it?! I haven’t seen any news on it anywhere! Is it official yet? Or is this un-official official? 😉

  21. It’s courtesy of my “source.” FOX will announce it in May if not before then.

  22. Space: Above & Beyond. Another FOX show gone before it’s time. I really liked that one. Watch out for a cameo from David Duchovny in one episode. They actually did a sort of cross-over with X-Files. There was a kid who had nothing but Space: Above & Beyond stuff in his room on the same night Duchovny was on the show.

    Lena is dancing on one of those dancing video games you see at the arcade in that movie. It looked like fun, actually!

    As for Summer on The Unit… I think she did something like seven episodes so it wasn’t a small role.

    I saw some odd interview on YouTube from the set of T: TSCC where Summer was late. When she arrived you could hear Lena shout out “There’s the rock star!” in a very affectionate voice. It was really cute. The odd thing is that Thomas looks like he’s smoking and Lena appears to be drinking a beer…

    I can’t wait to see Serenity. I’m sure Summer will be awesome if the trailer is any indication.

  23. That is so cool! Thanks so much for telling me! 🙂 haha…I have to say, the wait was just killing me!

  24. I remember when Space:Above and Beyond first came out, but I only got to see a few episodes. It was supposed to be FOX’s big season hit, if I recall. Funny about the X-Files tie in. I didn’t know that! I’ll keep an eye out for that cameo.

    haha…yeah Summer gets all the love apparently. I remember an interview with Josh Friedman where he said they anticipated the ComicCon crowd for Terminator as being thousands of fans shouting “River!”

    By the way I am very curious to hear when you finally watch Serenity! 🙂

  25. hmm…interesting… Have you seen this? Apparently Number 6 from BSG just signed a one year contract with FOX.

    There will be life after “Battlestar Galactica” for Tricia Helfer.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Helfer has inked a one-year talent holding deal with FOX, with plans to have the actress star in a drama series project for the network.

    So the question is, are they serious about a TV drama or could it mean she might pop up in Dollhouse or T:TSCC?

  26. It seems like she was supposed to do another series for FOX at one point. I want to say it was called “Them” or something like that, but it fell through. She would make an awesome female terminator, but I think that would be type casting after her roll as a Cylon. 🙂

    I do wonder if we might see her on Fringe or Dollhouse, though. Maybe Fringe in particular. Thanks for sharing this!

  27. Ooo…Fringe, I forgot about that show. I have got to start looking into that show.

    The only thing that has me concerned is FOX saying they want her in a drama. I think I’d rather see her risk being type-cast than find out FOX was prepping the next Canterbury for her!

  28. Okay that made me laugh. 😉 I think FOX sees shows like Terminator and Fringe as dramas. To them a show is either a drama or a comedy. And I’d rather see her type-cast, too, if that’s what the network has in mind!

  29. lol…shows you how much I know about the TV industry! 😉

    Now if only FOX would HURRY UP with the official Terminator announcement! I have to say, I’ve been checking up on a lot of my usual Terminator fansites and even the optimists are getting despondent. Now I’m not worried because I know what you told me, but apparently the guy who plays Sarkissian? He has an LJ page. And on it he says he hasn’t even been contacted yet for more work with that character. He’s gone and found other acting jobs apparently. People are taking it as a bad omen. To me it’s kind of an interesting plot decision though, if it’s true. See I’ve always thought they should start Season Two a bit ahead in time, say like, a few weeks. That way Cameron is back to normal, and they can jump into the season with a lot of action/drama that wouldn’t be possible if she were all torn up. Then they could flash back to stuff throughout the episode. I just think in terms of pulling in more audience who may be viewing the show for the first time, a continuation that’s right after the explosion would be a bit confusing. What do you think? What’s the best way for them to begin?

  30. Where should they start the new season?? At the PROM! 🙂 I can’t wait to see that scene! “Gee, Cameron, you haven’t been around for a few weeks. What was up?”

    “Someone blew me up.”

    As for Sarkissian… maybe the guy we saw isn’t really him. I can’t see him planting his own bomb. I think there is more to it than what we saw. Of course, the actor might also be under strict orders to deny any involvement with the show until the official announcement.

    I’m trusting my source who has no reason to lie and is in position where they would know if the show were coming back. I think FOX is just milking the fan buzz for all it’s worth. Face it, fans have been talking about the show ever since it went off. If we all had confirmation the show was coming back would we STILL be chatting this much about it? Well… some of us would be. 🙂 Others, perhaps not as much. FOX is using their rep for canceling shows like this to actually ride a wave of high internet buzz.

    But yeah… I wish they would get on with it already. I can’t wait for the show to come back!

  31. Your Cameron line is perfect. I can totally picture her saying it. 😉 I think they have another year until prom though don’t they? Poor Morris is just so in love with Cameron he probably felt he had to ask her right away.

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