Welcome to the club.


Women’s Murder Club will return with three brand new episodes beginning April 29th at 10:00.  Yes, it’s up against Law & Order: SVU, but that’s what DVRs are for.  And let’s face it, SVU is not having a good season.  And unlike WMC, SVU is already a lock for next fall – WMC is not.  WMC needs your ratings love more.

The good news is that ABC gave the series the Dancing With the Stars results show as a lead-in.  That’s some hefty ratings as a platform for the show’s relaunch.  Hopefully those numbers and demographics will convert into awesomeness for Lindsay and the club.

I managed to get a sneak peek at a few scenes from the first two episodes.  Seriously good stuff.  If the rest of the scripts were as good as the scenes I saw then Robert Nathan has had a welcome impact on the show.  The second episode, however, is the one I can’t wait to watch.  My jaw hit the desk when I saw those scenes.  Just… wow. 

Good stuff… 😉

Still no official word on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles although all signs seem to point to the series renewal.  FOX was kind enough, however, to tell us Prison Break had been renewed for a 4th season.  Oh goody… 

And for Criminal Minds fans, I’m hearing that AJ Cook is pregnant.  I have no idea if her real life pregnancy will be written into the series – but I hope not.  I’m delighted for the actress, but I think it would be a wrong move for the show to incorporate it as a plot.  Let JJ hide behind some folders and podiums for awhile.  By the way, for Xena fans… Renee O’Connor (Gabrielle) will be in the April 9th episode “A Higher Power.” 



~ by promogirl on March 31, 2008.

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