Battlestar and Dollhouse team up

How much am I loving Michael Ausiello over at TV Guide this week?  He posted more info on Dollhouse… the casting of a Battlestar favorite in one of the lead roles!  You can see the article at

Tahmoh Penikett by Albert L. Ortega/, Eliza Dushku by Tiffany Rose/

Joss Whedon is letting his obsession with Battlestar Galactica get the best of him — and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Whedon has tapped Galactica stud Tahmoh Penikett (aka Helo) to play Eliza Dushku’s “twisted romantic foil” in Dollhouse, a spokesperson for Twentieth Television confirms. Also joining the Dollhouse ensemble are Fran Kranz (CBS’ Welcome to the Captain), Aussie actress Dichen Lachman and relative newcomer Enver Gjokaj.

Penikett’s character, Paul Smith (originally named Paul Ballard), is described as an FBI agent who becomes obsessed with both the urban myth that is Dollhouse and its most recognizable inhabitant, Echo (Dushku).

Kranz, meanwhile, has been cast as Dollhouse‘s nerdy programmer Topher Brink, the dude responsible for imprinting the dolls. Lachman, who starred in the Australian series Neighbours, will play Sierra, a Doll similar to Echo, only not as self aware. And last but not least, Gjokaj will play Echo’s buddy Victor, a handsome Doll who is childlike when inactive and everything from Errol Flynn to a young De Niro when he’s active.

Now, I know what you’re wondering: Where are all the Buffyverse stars who were vying for a spot on Dollhouse? Well, all hope is not lost. Four major roles have yet to be cast, and they are as follows:

Adelle Dewitt: The fortyish iceberg who runs the Dollhouse where the human Etch-a-Sketches reside.

Boyd Langton: Echo’s handler and father figure.

November: The Tracy Turnblad of the Dolls.

Dr. Claire Sanders: The beautiful older woman with whom Topher is smitten.


This casting surprised me but in a good way.  I’m really looking forward to the premiere… and I kind of hope they pair this with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That would be one awesome night of TV… 


~ by promogirl on March 27, 2008.

25 Responses to “Battlestar and Dollhouse team up”

  1. Interesting… I think this is a smart move on Joss’s part. He’s got the Whedon-universe following, and now he’s going to pull in some of the BSG following. Even more so, I think the BSG fans are going to be needing another sci-fi fix soon.

    FOX really does need to pair this thing with Terminator. More and more I’m becoming convinced that both shows on the same night really will translate to a ratings boost! FOX could own another night of primetime, outside of Idol days. That’s a big deal I think.

    And speaking of FOX, did you see the article about all the big misses this season? I think it was on Hollywood Reporter. They talked about how most of the shows bombed, and singled out Jezebel and Canterbury. But they made a point of saying that T:TSCC was the one hit out of all of them! It was funny though, the FOX president of programming (I think) basically confirmed what we had been saying – that they were putting up every show they had just to see if they could get a hit. Probably why we’re having to wait so long for them to officially announce for next season.

    I do have one fear with Dollhouse though, that they’re going to try to turn it into another version of Alias, or Nikita. I think it would be bad for FOX to try to push them into that trap just to try to get a more mainstream hit. Those shows worked, but I don’t see them meshing up well with Joss’s style.

  2. I think we might see shadows of Alias but hopefully not in a bad way. There will be missions for the “dolls” and they’ll eventually take on personnas to complete those missions. The big difference will be when the mission is over and their memories are scrubbed. Sydney has a dad and friends to come home to and it was that double life that made the show so much fun. The “dolls” will apparently only have each other, and will they even hold onto that piece of information? It sounds like Echo will, at least in part, but the others – not so much.

    My fear is that this show will be the next Bionic Woman. I was realllly looking forward to that and was totally bummed after seeing it. I’m not one of those people who will bash Michelle Ryan’s performance, the poor girl had absolute zip to work with script-wise. The show just had so much freaking potential and it was all squandered. I don’t want to get my expectations up too high. Even my favorites fail me from time to time. 🙂

    Speaking of getting my expectations high… I saw the new X-Files teaser today. I. Am. So. There. It just looks so cool. I felt like a complete geek after getting all excited about it.

    And I saw a similar article about FOX’s season. Terminator is the one thing they have to write home about. They better hurry up and confirm season 2. Grrrr.

  3. Okay, more spoilers coming out for Dollhouse! Parts of it look interesting, but the thing with the Senator seems a bit weird. Not sure where they’re going with that.

    You know I never watched Bionic Woman. It’s a show that I slated for my TV-on-DVD collection, but then the whole thing seemed to just tank pretty quickly. Kinda sad that they ruined it like that. I hate when they squander shows and ideas. That’s why I’m so wary of FOX with Terminator. It just bothers me to no end how they just do not understand the show they bought. That show deserves their effort, or at least a promise not to screw it up.

    I haven’t seen the X-Files teaser yet! I’ll have to check it out! haha…and geekiness is good! As a friend put it once, she said everyone should just embrace their inner geek. 😉

  4. Some cool spoilers there. Thanks for sharing! I’m guessing they’re doing the whole thing with the senator for two reasons. 1) It shows what a heartless you-know-what the “Ice Queen” is. 2) I’m sure it will somehow go terribly wrong and pose a situation where the Dollhouse could be exposed. If they program the girl to want what the senator wants, how will she feel when he ends it? And what other latent programming will come to the surface when he does? That’s just me theorizing about potential plots, of course. 😉

    Skip Bionic Woman. There are many, many, many better shows out there worth your time. Stargate isn’t for everyone but it’s worth a look. I’d start with season 1, though…

    I saw the teaser for The X-Files is on the same site you directed me to. Let me know what you think after you watch it!

  5. hmm…possibly… But you know it’s interesting…putting a Joss spin on it…I was thinking about the Firefly episode Mrs. Reynolds, where Mal found out he was married, and how Joss played her off as totally innocent and then POW! – he hits us over the head with a shovel and shows us the real plot. I’m hoping this will turn into patented Joss like that, what we’re hearing may be the set-up, and it’ll go in a direction that has nothing to do with how it starts. 🙂

    Okay, I watched the X-Files teaser! Well, I watched the bootlegged cellphone recording, whichever that one was. And…I have no idea what is happening! haha…no really. It was all happening too fast to make out exactly what was going on. Did you follow it? Maybe I’ll watch it a couple more times and see. Looks wild though. I’m psyched!

  6. I saw Scully and Mulder. That was enough for me! 😉

    It’s funny that you mentioned Firefly. I just finished watching the last of the DVDs a few minutes before I logged on. What a shame that the show didn’t catch on. If the network would have let Whedon and Miner air the episodes in the order they wanted… ARGH! It was a great series. I’m glad I gave it a second shot. Now I just have to rent the movie.

    Good point about Whedon. He rarely does what’s expected. Trying to figure him out will probably just make look foolish! I knew something was up in the Our Mrs. Reynold episode but I didn’t see that plot coming.

  7. Okay I watched the trailer two more times. And I pretty much got the same thing as you, Mulder and Scully! 😉 I am wondering though if the ice and snow doesn’t mean they won’t take a trek back to Antarctica. That would be awesome. Can’t wait to see a longer preview!

    So wait, you haven’t seen Serenity yet? Wow I am really curious to hear what you think! Especially if you’ve just finished watching the series!

    It is sad the show didn’t take. There were a few issues that I think did hinder the show and probably didn’t help the ratings any, but FOX airing the episodes out of order just totally stabbed it in the back. I bet it just killed Joss to watch them destroy it like that.

  8. I watched part of the first episode of Firefly and didn’t like it at all when it originally aired. A western in space? It seemed so stupid. But after watching the series as it was intended I really took to the idea. It was so sad watching the “Making of Firefly” extra. The cast so obviously loved the show and each other. I know I’ve read where a lot of them are still close. And yeah, Whedon and Miner seemed pretty crushed by the way FOX handled things. One can only hope that the network learned their lesson with Whedon and won’t screw around with his vision this time.

    I haven’t seen Serenity, yet. It’s next up on the Netflix list. The only reason I went back and watched the series to begin with was becasue I found Summer Glau to be so amazing on Terminator. I wonder if she gets a commission for converting me to the Firefly cause. 😉

    And FYI: doing the Bones icons is HARD. Fifty of them have to be from required “themes.” Alone, lost, regrets, etc, etc. I think I have 36 of the themed icons done. The last batch I completed I didn’t much care for – but at least it brought me closer to the goal. I chose the show because I like it, but I’m not as into it as WMC and Terminator right now. I knew that would make it more of a challenge. I just had no idea how much of a challenge I was really signing up for. Yikes!

  9. I’m right there with you on Firefly. I thought the same thing originally. Though in addition to finding the space western idea stupid, at the time I was also a pretty disgruntled Buffy fan. The ratings were suffering, and Joss seemed too preoccupied with Angel and then Firefly. I’m sad to say it took a pretty long time for Firefly to grow on me, as a show anyway, there are still some episodes I have trouble with. But that’s really just “first season growing pains” that any show goes through I think, every series has a few shows that don’t click. Firefly had so few episodes though, it took me a while to get past seeing them individually and looking at the potential for the series.

    Since you haven’t seen Serenity yet I won’t say anything about it other than – OMG SEE IT!!! 🙂

    No actually I will also say this, Summer is just awesome in it! I’m really curious to hear what you think, if you like what Joss did. I mean he had to cram the entire series into a two hour film. Pretty wild, but he does it!

    Sorry to hear the icon creation isn’t going well. 100 icons is a lot really. Just the number you’ve done sounds really impressive! I’ve been trying to find time just to do another wallpaper, and I still can’t find the right screen-caps! Unfortunately it has to be an EXACT frame, and every one I’ve found so far is either a little too late or a little too early in the scene. Finding the perfect bowl of porridge would probably be easier…

  10. What screencap are you looking for? Maybe I can help.

    It’s funny. I was kind of feeling the same thing you described about Firefly at the time. I know it almost sounds like blasphemy but Buffy really did go on one or two seasons too long. The finale was fun but I was ready for it to be over by then. I also felt Whedon really was spreading himself too thin to the harm of his other shows. Of course, the quality of his programs, even when they were suffering a bit from lack of his attention, was still phenomenal.

    I’ve heard a few things about Serenity that I’m not looking forward to (character deaths, for example) but I want to see it out to the end. Even if it makes me cry and it sounds like it will!

  11. I am looking for every available video frame of this. 😉

    I want to find the sharpest capture. That has to be the best wink in the history of television and I have an awesome idea for a wallpaper. The problem is it was so fast, there’s a bit of a blur in every frame I’ve found. Know of any other places that might have that screen-cap?

    For me Buffy should have ended at Season Five. That to me was just a perfect artistic ending. But then of course the fan bug takes over, and everyone wanted more. I was on board for more at first, but then after seeing where Season Six was going and Joss’s preoccupation with Angel and Firefly, it just wasn’t working for me. The show had kind of lost what it was. To this day I only own through Season Five on DVD. And, oddly, even though Season Four is considered one of the weaker story arcs, it contained perhaps some of the best (stand alone) episodes ever written. There’s also the whole issue with the seasonal big bads, and how after Glory it all kind of got mental and inner demon stuff. Nothing wrong with that kind of plotline, but at that period in the series it just seemed like the show was listing.

    hmmm…yes, there are aspects of Serenity that may not be pleasant. But the way I looked at it, I was just so happy to see them be able to put the final stamp on things, for Joss to complete the story on his own terms. Nobody ever gets that kind of second chance. Oh, by the way, the extras on the new special edition DVD are awesome. The whole thing about how the film got made, the fan army (it was so wild to see the producer talk about how the fans were literally ready to march on FOX), the ComicCon response (they said 5000 people showed up for the preview, Joss was almost brought to tears, it was touching really), how the actors express such indebtedness to the fans, it was really cool. Anyway, hope you enjoy the film, let me know what you think!

  12. I see what you mean about finding a sharp screencap of that shot. There just isn’t one out there.

    As for Buffy… How do you top Glory? She was just as much fun as she was evil.

    I think it’s cool when the producers, writers, and actors embrace their fans the way the Firefly folks did. There seemed to be a lot of mutual love and appreciation there. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Women’s Murder Club camp with our small effort to save the show. James Patterson put our site up on his home page and sent the link out in his newsletters. I occasionally exchange emails with one of the writers who has to be one of the sweetest and funniest people ever. Heck, I want the show to keep going just so she can keep working for a job she so obviously loves.

    I think that is the biggest secret to whether or not a show gets a fiercely loyal fan following. It’s like we know when a cast and crew is having the time of their lives. It comes through on screen and we, as viewers, get to share a little bit in that.

  13. Well I hope your effort to save WMC is successful. Hopefully ABC has a better track record with shows than FOX! There are just way too many good shows getting axed these days. heh…I was at Best Buy today, and they have the TV-on-DVD stuff all grouped. FOX has it’s own section. It was like half their offering was for axed shows! It was so sad.

    That’s pretty awesome that you’re talking to one of the WMC writers. Sounds like she’s really cool! And I think you’re right about how a show gets a loyal following. I can sense it in Terminator too. I mean from all the interviews I’ve seen, it looks like Friedman is really trying to do something Whedon-esque. He’s mentioned either Joss or a Joss show at least three times in interviews I’ve read. I think he sees those shows as like the kind of TV he wants to make.

    haha…okay this is depressing me, thinking about what an amazingly rare gem Terminator is, and how FOX is just so blind!

  14. I think the one exception to the loyalty among the cast thing is Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was shocked that she actually showed up for the Buffy panel at the Paley Festival. I think she got along fine with her co-stars but she never seems to have really appreciated what the show was or did for her career. There were glimpses of it, but publically anyway she never seemed to show that she gave a damn – and that was sad. Maybe she just has a lousy PR person…

    Hopefully FOX will have some good news soon. The other networks are already starting to announce their pickups (seriously, NBC, another Knight Rider series?).

    And yeah, the writer I’ve been talking to is super nice. That’s one good thing I can hold onto even if WMC gets canceled for good – I’ve met some really nice people who did their best to save it. I think we’ll remain online friends regardless…

  15. Yeah, I totally agree about SMG. Not sure what was going on with her. I have to wonder though if she thought her Buffy fame was hindering her movie career or if it was the only reason she had a movie career? Or maybe a bit of both, and she didn’t know what to do about either?

    I don’t know, not trying to knock her, I like her as an actress. She totally owned the Buffy role, and she’s done fairly well in most movies I’ve seen her in. But she was the one who did stand out from the cast in that weird way, like she didn’t give a damn. Kind of odd. I always wondered what Joss thought about that.

    Okay, so have you seen much on the talk of this potential actor strike? I’m wondering what that’ll mean for TV, if it starts to percolate even more if the networks will just pull the plug on any future scripted TV shows just so they can start planning for their own survival with a new round of reality TV? If this hinders a Terminator renewal…AUGH! No offense to the actors, but that will totally suck.

    Anyway, good luck with all your efforts to save WMC! Even if FOX is dragging their feet on Terminator, maybe you’ll at least get some good news from ABC! 🙂

  16. Oh God. Just thinking about an actors’ strike makes me want to curl up in a ball in some dark corner and rock back and forth. I honestly don’t know what will happen if that comes to pass, although hopefully the writers’ strike paved the way for a much quicker resolution here. That was part of the reason the actors were walking the picket lines with the writers – they were all after the same things.

    The networks can not afford another strike. They just can’t. I seems odd to me, though, that AFTRA split with the SGA at this critical stage of the game – and a little alarming as well. I don’t know what to think. But yes, if the writers strike we can kiss a lot of shows goodbye – probably Terminator and WMC among them.

    And thanks for the well wishes on WMC. I’m not sure what to think about the show’s placement. It will go up against the 200th episode of Law & Order: SVU. That will probably not be pretty – and that will be the episode ABC will probably decide the show’s fate on. If, however, WMC manages to hold its own against such a huge episode then I’d say the show has a decent shot at coming back. Time will tell soon enough.

  17. This doesn’t look good. If it goes forward, they’re already talking about how an actor’s strike will probably kill Heroes. I mean if it could kill that show what chance would Terminator and WMC have?

    Seriously, I’ve decided I am keeping Terminator stored on my DVR until I can physically lay hands on the DVDs for Season One. haha…I am taking no chances!

    And you know, what you said about ABC putting WMC up against SVU’s 200th episode…why would ABC do that? Why stack the deck against it from the start? It’s the same with FOX and Terminator. Why wouldn’t FOX give a show they spent so much money advertising, a spot after Idol? It’s like, they use their ratings blockbusters so sparingly, or with shows that don’t even need the boost, and then at the same time they (and other networks) seem to have this gladiatorial “oooo let’s watch them fight, see if they can make it!” attitude that just does not mesh up with their obsession with advertising dollars and ratings. Why not try to maximize a show’s potential with every advantage they have?

    I don’t know, maybe they are, or at least maybe they think they are, but with so many canceled shows you just have to wonder.

  18. I’m hoping the reason that ABC put WMC up against SVU is that they hope WMC might actually blunt the NBC hit just a little. They knew Boston Legal wouldn’t pull it off and they wouldn’t burn off a new ep of Grey’s Anatomy on a Tuesday night (the only thing other than Lost that ABC really has to compete with). I’ve seen the creative direction the show is headed in and it looks much stronger than before. If it can do anything at all against SVU then ABC might consider it a show worth saving. Goodness knows they have nothing to fight against NBC’s 10:00 hour right now.

    But did they have to launch it against SVU’s 200th episode? That’s asking a lot. However, just because SVU has Robin Williams doesn’t mean the show will be good. If it sucks as much as the majority of this season has people might turn back to WMC. ***sigh*** It’s going to be a long month.

    I’m downloading all the T: TSCC episodes from i-Tunes. I’m not taking any chances, either. 😉

  19. Check it out! NBC came out with their 52-week program listing today. Hopefully this kick-starts everyone else into action!

    By the way, I cannot believe they actually picked up Knight Rider. They can’t be serious. I mean it got great ratings, sure, but don’t they know that was just out of pure curiosity? I really don’t see a series making it.

  20. I heard about Knight Rider. I also heard how terrble the reboot of the show was. NBC must be seriously desperate. None of their new shows really stood out to me. I only watch Heroes and SVU and it looks like that’s all I’ll continue to watch on that network. I just couldn’t believe they were showing their hand all the way through 2009! And that the schedule looked so wretched! Sad. The proud peacock is apparently no more.

  21. Hey so did you see the latest news? Olivia Williams joining Dollhouse! I didn’t even realize she was interested in doing TV, I’ve always seen her in films. I think she’s a great actress. I can only imagine how wild it’ll be to see her paired with some Whedon dialogue! What do you think?

  22. I think you sent me this just as I was posting the info on this blog. Great minds think alike, huh? 🙂

  23. This page is fantastic! It’s my own little geek heaven! I’m adding it to my blogroll at and my own private blogroll. I will be revisiting frequently!

  24. Aw. Thanks! I appreciate the compliment. I’ll add you to my blogroll as well. Seems like you and Jeff like a lot of the same movies I do!

  25. Thank you! I appreciate it! I’m sure I’ll be stalking your site regularly from now on.

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