Lindsay gets a Major Dad.

That was TV Guide’s headline… or something like it.  Jericho fans who are still mourning the passing of Gerald McRaney’s father figure can rejoice.  He gets to play daddy again – this on Women’s Murder Club.
Here’s the article by Michael Ausiello. 

Gerald McRaney by Lester Cohen/ and Angie Harmon by Andrew Southam/ABC
Fallen Jericho patriarch Gerald McRaney has been cast as the estranged pop of Angie Harmon‘s Lindsay on Women’s Murder Club, sources confirm to me exclusively. Dad is described as a dirty ex-cop who has few friends on the force — and that includes his daughter. The two have been estranged for seven years, and his mere presence gives her the creeps. She even refuses to call him “Dad,” which is never a good thing (unless you’re a Simpson).McRaney’s onboard for one of this season’s three post-strike episodes, although he could reappear next season — if there is a next season.

Fleshing out Lindsay’s personal life appears to be a top priority for new Club boss Robert Nathan. In addition to a dad, Harmon’s bloodhound will be getting a new love interest in the form of The 4400’s Joel Gretsch (Ausiello Report 3/17).

I have to say both casting choices are fantastic.  I can’t wait to see the re-launch of the show which should be sometime in late April.  I hope the addition of McRaney and Gretsch will add some new fans to the mix.  WMC deserves a second season.

If you’re a fan and haven’t done your part to save the show, click on the Save Women’s Murder Club link on the right of the page and see what you can do to help.


~ by promogirl on March 21, 2008.

15 Responses to “Lindsay gets a Major Dad.”

  1. Apparently CBS has now officially canceled Jericho. I feel bad for the fans, they were pretty active in trying to keep the show going.

    Hope the new additions to WMC help it out with the ratings. Seems like the networks just don’t know what to do to gain viewers anymore. The numbers are down everywhere (heh…except for Idol. Is there nothing that can stop that show?). But if the networks start getting into this mode where they keep bailing on show after show, I think they’re going to drive more and more viewers away. Finding a hit won’t even matter anymore. Nobody will be watching.

  2. I heard about Jericho. That has to be pretty crushing for the fans. I can’t blame CBS on this one, though. The ratings were absolutely terrible for the second season. There was an avid fan base there but it wasn’t enough to move the meters. I heard the series moved away from what made it awesome in season one and apparently that drove away some of the casual viewers. I only watched the pilot so I really can’t testify to that one way or the other.

    Hopefully Jericho’s loss (McRaney) will be WMC’s gain. I’ve seen some sides from the next episode and McRaney will have a nice beefy part to play. I’m really looking forward to what will hopefully be the beginning of several appearances by him… if ABC gives us a second season. 😉

    And I read somewhere that even Idol’s numbers are down. It’s just that the numbers are still so huge nobody cares!

    BTW: I just re-watched the pilot of T:SCC. Needed to get my “freakin’ big” fix…

  3. Now that you mention it, I did hear something about the series changing from season one to season two, but I never really got into the show so I couldn’t tell if it was fans making something out of nothing or if the change really did drive off a bunch of viewers.

    So did you hear Canterbury got shuffled over to Friday? Apparently that was FOX’s original plan, NA and Canterbury on Friday. Moved them up to Monday because of the writer’s strike, now back to Friday because of the ratings. I think that show is done.

    What actually has me a little worried though is FOX is moving re-runs of House to Monday, and when NA ends I think they’re going to put Bones there too. I am hoping that neither of those shows gets better ratings than T:SCC, but I fear they might. House gets huge ratings, and Bones is sure to benefit. Nothing against those shows, but I just don’t think a reminder to FOX that existing shows are beating out SCC will help us out with that full season deal. SCC really needs a full season, the writers need room to work their magic with a real story arc. I think given 22 episodes they could do amazing stuff with the characters.

    haha…”freakin big” fix…just yesterday I re-watched the episode where Cam went to grief counseling. 😉

  4. I’m not that worried about House and Bones. They are established hits and FOX is hoping their viewers will move with them – which they probably will. Bones has never been a ratings powerhouse and, as I recall, House caught on only after they put it after, yep, you guessed it, American Idol. FOX needs a big buzz show. They haven’t had one in awhile. I think T:SCC is that show. What else do they have? They can’t put Bones and House on every night. 😉 Moment of Truth, maybe? Bleh. FOX is just plugging holes right now. I agree that there is reason to be concerned about a full season pick up, but honestly, I think even for established shows, 13 episodes will probably start being the norm for renewal. Once the intial ratings come in then they’ll up them to 22 (or more I’m hearing in some cases).

    The strike changed everything. Including the way the networks do business. We’ll see if that winds up being a good thing or not.

  5. Well maybe not House and Bones, but I bet they’d put Idol on every night if they could. 😉

    I was thinking, I really hope they don’t pair T:SCC with Moment of Truth again. Every person that I’ve encountered (so far) that loves T:SCC just cannot stand that show. I have to question if SCC got any boost at all. In fact I think it was around that time that SCC lost viewers. Prison Break was better, but still not a good pairing. I’d actually be curious to see more of Dollhouse. Even though it’ll be a new show, I’m thinking that since it’s Whedon, and SO many fans of SCC have Firefly on their Top 5 list, the duo might work out well. You’d have two sci-fi dramas on back-to-back, giving fans their fix all at once. It could work, even more so than pairing it with 24. Which, again, while a good lead-in, might not have the exact same audience. What do you think?

  6. I bet they’d put Idol on every night if they could as well. Thank God they can’t! My ears can only stand so much abuse.

    I’m very curious about Dollhouse as well. As far as genres go it would be a good fit with Terminator. Perhaps some of the Firefly fans that FOX alienated might actually come back to the network. I just can’t believe Whedon and Dushku are willing to take another chance with FOX after what happened to them both last time. Just goes to show you once again that FOX is really the only network that will take chances on shows like this… they just rarely give them a chance to catch on. In the case of T:SCC nine episodes is not nearly enough time. And they’ve given the show crap lead-ins. I’d be curious to see audience flow going into Terminator. I wonder how many viewers of garbage like Moment of Truth hang around for a quality show like Terminator. If they gave a crap about quality they wouldn’t be watching trash like Moment of Truth to begin with.

    All right, deep breath. Rant over. 😉

    The sad fact is that we’re probably going to have to wait until May to see just how much FOX is going to give us of Terminator next year. The sadder truth is that even though Dollhouse has Whedon and Dushku is might not actually make air. Plenty of high profile pilots just fade into the ether. I doubt Dollhouse will be one of them but you never know.

  7. How Dollhouse came about it interesting. I read somewhere that FOX actually had a contract with Eliza to develop a show or something. She was having lunch with Joss, he was giving her advice and stuff, and suddenly he got the idea for Dollhouse. So they both went back to FOX and the execs loved it. It was a pretty interesting read, I’ll send it to you if I can find it. I think also it said something about FOX buying 7 episodes already. Not sure if that means the show will actually air, but it sounds like FOX did pony up some money.

    And you’re right, it’s like FOX is the only network that’ll jump on a show like that. It’s so confusing too, how they can even be the same network that on the one hand buys these shows and is very enthusiastic about them, and then as in cases like Firely, they run the episodes out of order, change the days, put lots of time between airings, etc. It’s like the network is of two minds, bipolar or something. haha…or Skynet… 😉

  8. Hmm. Fox is Skynet. You might be on to something there!

    And if you can find the link, I’d love to read the story. That does sound interesting. Yeah, based on what you read it sounds like FOX will at least air the show. It’s about time we had Whedon back on TV!

  9. I didn’t find the exact article, but this old one from The Hollywood Reporter, has most of the details.

    “Dollhouse” came out of a lunch between Whedon and Dushku in September, shortly after the actress had signed a development deal with 20th TV and Fox. Whedon was giving her advice about writers and types of shows that might be good for her but wasn’t interested in venturing into TV himself because he was trying to get a couple of movie projects off the ground at the time.”In the middle of the conversation, I went, ‘Oh, God. I thought of the show, and I had the title,’ ” Whedon said. Dushku came on board immediately. Within a week, the show was set up Fox and 20th TV.

    I love the part where the FOX entertainment president says it was a “welcomed surprise” to get Whedon’s pitch. Considering how after Firefly Whedon said he’d never work with FOX again, that’s quite an understatement!

  10. Thanks for finding that! A “welcome surprise,” huh? I bet his jaw hit the floor when he got that call.

  11. Frank, if you’re checking back in… look at this.

    It’s a question about Dollhouse and an answer from a TV Guide critic. Nothing ground breaking here but it’s kind of interesting. It mirrors what we’ve been chatting about for weeks!

  12. They’ve been reading our rants! 😉

    You know I’m curious about him saying FOX won’t expect more than a cult following though. I don’t know about that. See I think Dollhouse is going to be different from previous Whedon shows because this time around he’s seen failure. I’m curious how that will influence him. Can he make a modern day X-Files? I don’t know, I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s his style. But I do think we’re going to see something like what he did to take Firefly and retool it into Serenity. It’ll still be patented Joss, I mean the fans will flock just to see him create a world, characters, and a whole new way of speaking (again), but I think he’ll try to do it in a way that draws in that mainstream audience too. I think it’s the only way to get the kind of viewership FOX is going to want.

  13. Hey, by the way, I saw that they added your icon gallery to Mother of all Destiny. That’s awesome!

    My favorite is the “I’m not bad…I’m just programmed that way” one. That is the perfect image of Cameron to go with that text. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the compliment regarding the icons. Yeah, that shot sort of begged for that text. I hope to put some more images up soon. Bless their hearts, the poeple over at have had a bad week. They got hacked. 😦

    As for Dollhouse… based on what I’ve heard, it sounds like J.J. Abrams new show, Fringe, is more X-Files-like. I know FOX has been searching for a show to fill that void and perhaps Fringe will be it. I’m certainly curious, but I love almost everything Abrams touches. Haven’t see Cloverfield, yet, but I figured I’d be one of those poor people who puked if I saw it in the theater. I plan to give it a go on DVD.

    And I can’t wait to see Dollhouse. It sounds really fascinating. I do wonder how we’ll come to care for the characters and how they will interact with each other when they basically transform into someone else each week with no memory of who they were. TV Guide did a story awhile back where they listed all the characters in the show then gave their choices for which actors should play which roles. It was pretty entertaining. I’ll have to see if I can find the link.

    And as for FOX wanting a cult-like following… they have it in Terminator if they would just realize it! 🙂 It may not always bring in huge ratings but it gets the network buzzed about (which is worth its weight in gold).

  15. Oh wow…I knew they went down for a bit but I didn’t realize they were hacked. That sucks! Hopefully they’ve got everything fixed.

    Hey btw did you see that signed Terminator poster they showed that’s on eBay?! I’m sooooo tempted. It has Summer’s autograph!

    hmm…I don’t know much about Fringe. J.J. Abrams did wonders with Alias, and Lost apparently (though I haven’t seen Lost yet), so I’m sure it’ll be great though. Kinda curious what he’s going to do with the new Star Trek too. It’s funny though, I actually chose not to see Cloverfield. I mean I’ll still watch it on DVD, I’m anxious to see it, but for some reason the “handheld” camera aspect of it just turned me off from wanting to pay nine bucks to see it on the big screen. haha…I want to see something I can’t film myself.

    I think I saw that TV Guide article…somewhere… I can’t remember either. But it had the full list for who they wanted “Buffyverse-style” and “non-Buffyverse-style” or something like that. I liked their picks, especially Juliet Landau and Ben Browder. Juliet could just do wonders as a “doll” who keeps changing personalities, and Ben Browder paired with some Whedon writing could be gold. Ever watch Farscape? He did good work in that.

    I totally agree about Terminator and the cult-like following. It’s amazing to me, but that show managed to be “cult” AND mainstream in that it pulled in the existing Terminator franchise fans, and somehow it ended up with a good mix of both. Unfortunately just not enough yet to satiate FOX. However, I did see how yesterday FOX just renewed Prison Break for a full season and how they’re still yammering on about a spin-off. I dare FOX not to give Sarah Connor a full season now. I mean Terminator kicked Prison Break’s ass all over the place. SCC gained viewers on it, for a lead-in the show was terrible. And I think SCC’s finale beat it out.

    So true about network buzz. I think that’s what cult fans of Terminator will do for FOX too. If only FOX would realize how valuable that is. Dedicated and vocal fans…you can’t advertise that into existence, it emerges because of the show. It’s funny too, how easy it would be for FOX to start fixing their brand image. All they have to do is just hang on to the really good shows. No one’s asking them to suffer through rating’s dogs, people understand it’s a business. But they just need to make an effort to listen to the fans, and try (though apparently this is very hard for them) not to screw a new series from the beginning, like they did with Firefly.

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