I’ve gone Photoshop crazy.

I’ve started playing around with the software about a week or so ago to create icons for my LiveJournal account.  Creating these things is oddly addictive.  They also manage to consume hours of my day…  I’ve never really had much in the way of art classes and I’ve certainly never had any graphics classes.  What I’m saying is constructive criticism is more than welcome… but be gentle. 🙂  I don’t mind you borrowing, either.  Just let me know first!



I’m working on some of John now.  Mostly I’ve just been playing with textures… obviously. 🙂

Save Women’s Murder Club


Generic Women’s Murder Club



~ by promogirl on March 8, 2008.

13 Responses to “Icons”

  1. Holy cow…you weren’t kidding you’re way ahead of me! That’s a LOT of icons!

    They look good! I like the Cameron ones. “Tin Miss” and “Tight” are my favorites. I was thinking, they really need an episode where Cameron gives Sarah a recap of everything she’s learned at school, and she could do gestures and voices, it would hilarious.

    I have one wall art almost finished. I am in the process of cursing Photoshop right now, but once I get it fixed up I’ll let you see it. What’s your email? I’ll send you the link.

  2. That would be hystercial if they had Cameron give Sarah a primer in current teen slang. Already Sarah gives her the funniest looks when she starts sounding like a teenager.

    My email is promogrrl@gmail.com. You’re far more ambitious than me tackling a wallpaper. I just slap textures on shots and see what I come up with! 😉

  3. Yeah you know as much as I like it, she needs to get a new word to go along with “tight”. She needs to add to her teen slang repertoire. Who knows they might have already done it though, Josh Friedman said they left so much high school stuff on the cutting room floor because they just didn’t have the time. Would be great for next season though.

    By the way, just so you know, I sent you a link, in case the email ends up in the spam folder. This has actually happened a few times when I send from Yahoo email to Google Gmail. It would seem that they’re mortal enemies in everything, apparently.

  4. Gorgeous icons! Come by and check out http://motherofalldestiny.com/ and our forums- http://tsccsociety.proboards52.com TSCC fan artists are always welcome!


  5. The rumors are flying right now. Have you seen this?! He says he has sources at FOX and the series was just renewed!

    I really hope it’s for real! Hopefully a full season too. 🙂

  6. I’ve been hearing the same thing for the last several weeks but I don’t have confirmation, yet. I think it’s looking likely the show will be back for at least 13 episodes. 22 would be even better!

    I need to find out when the show will come to DVD. I’m missing it something fierce. I’ve done some more wallpapers and icons. I’ll have to post them here when I get a chance. How is your wallpaper coming? Did you ever get the light effects to your liking?

  7. Alas, no, I have not had a chance to even touch Photoshop this past week it seems. Why does work always get in the way of fun?

    I can’t wait for the DVD’s either. Why they haven’t announced is beyond me. haha…I have to confess though…for fear of FOX canceling, I kept every episode on my DVR. I refuse to erase them. In fact I’ve thinned out all my recorded shows and movies in preparation for keeping them on there indefinitely if need be. It’s been good having them, I’ve been re-watching them all just to keep the uh…withdrawal…at bay. But I swear I can stop at any time! 😉

    For renewal…I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that SCC will get a full season. My thinking is FOX has to be unhappy with New Amsterdam not pulling the 18-49yr demo, and Canturbury is just tanking. I feel bad for Julianna. I like her, she deserves a good show, but I don’t think this is it. My hope is they come running back to SCC with open arms and try to bolster it’s fan support by doing a summer blitz of DVD’s and re-runs (I mean seriously, why they aren’t playing this thing on FX round the clock on the weekends, I have no idea). They could also give it a good lead in, or at least give it a few weeks of Idol love. I really believe SCC could be pulling in 10 million live viewers easy if FOX just put a little effort into it.

  8. I’m right there with you. I kept every episode as well for the same reason! I think I need to go buy a DVD recorder…

    I’ve got the first two episodes of Amsterdam still on the DVR, but just haven’t felt remotely like watching them. If I don’t get to them this weekend I think I’ll just blow them out. I feel bad for Julianna as well. I’ve always liked her in everything I’ve seen her in. I hope she finds a show that will give her the kind of hit she deserves.

    Let’s also not forget The Return of Jezebel James. Now there is a show that TANKED. Ouch. Great stars. Great producer. Absolutely didn’t work. FOX should hold on to a show like T:SCC just for the loyal (and very active) fan base alone.

    It will be interesting to see what the network does to ramp interest back up before the premiere. I have a sick feeling, though, we might not see the show until 2009 where they’ll pair it with 24. I hope that’s not the case. While I understand the two are a nice match, action-wise, I think FOX would do better to strike when the iron is hot and get the show back on in the fall. It can move behind 24 when it premieres.

  9. Kate, thanks for the compliment! I was just on motherofalldestiny.com the other day. Awesome site! And I appreciate the invitation to join the artist forums. I might just do that. I’ll link to the site as well if you don’t mind. You’ve got all kinds of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles goodness over there!

  10. Speaking of ramping up interest! Ausiello has a scoop!

    I’m hearing that Fox’s in-limbo Sarah Connor Chronicles has quietly begun staffing up for the fall. According to insiders, Fox has given producers the green light to start booking directors for next season’s first three episodes. While this is no guarantee that SCC is returning , it’s obviously a very good sign.

  11. Oh that’s so cool, you got invited to the artist forum! I like moad, it’s a great site. I’ve sent them SCC news links before.

    haha…I wonder if they’d take my one wallpaper? Probably have to have a collection first.

  12. I was just over there looking through the fan art section. Several people just have one piece of artwork up. You should submit yours! The only problem is I can’t seem to find where to sign up or submit… it’s probably right in front of my face and I just can’t find it. I’m one of those people who can’t find my keys for ten minutes… only to realize they’re in my pocket. 😉

    Thanks for the info from Ausiello. He’s usually a reliable source. I think the renewal is going to happen. It’s just a matter of when we’ll hear an announcement and how many episodes they’ll give us!

  13. I went ahead and emailed them about submitting artwork. Apparently they have to post everything. But they said they’d set up a gallery and everything when I was ready to submit stuff.

    You should email them, I’m sure they’ll post yours!

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