The FOX Wall of Shame?

FOX has a nasty habit.

They take chances on shows other networks wouldn’t.  Cool, quirky shows that develop cult followings.

Then they can them.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has not suffered this fate – yet.  Hopefully it will buck the trend.  But the funny thing is, as my friends and co-workers ponder the fate of the show one theme keeps cropping up over and over.  FOX always cancels shows like this before their time.  And then whoever is talking to me starts listing shows to prove their point.  I’ve compiled the top 5.  What are we leaving off?



This one seems to be at the top of everyone’s list – even if they haven’t watched the show. 

Tru Calling


FOX could have given us a decent send off for this series.  But they didn’t.  And man are some fans still very pissed about that.

Dark Angel


I never really got into this James Cameron series but plenty of others did.   Will FOX make T: TSCC the second show with Cameron ties (the director not the terminator) to bite the dust on the network?



I STILL miss this show.  It was hysterically funny.  If you haven’t seen an episode you must at least rent the DVD and check out the pilot. 

John Doe


Finally we come to John Doe.  Fans of the series got a little resolution thanks to the show’s creator posting how the show would have ended on-line.  Of course that probably only peeved them more that they didn’t get to see what would have been a really great series.

So what do you think?  Which favorite of yours is missing from the list?  And let’s hope Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles doesn’t join these gone but not forgotten favorites…



~ by promogirl on March 5, 2008.

11 Responses to “The FOX Wall of Shame?”

  1. It’s kind of freaky how most of these shows form a little Fox/Joss Whedon/James Cameron nexus.

    Firefly was Joss’s space western, and you know at the time he was like the golden boy of TV. Buffy was a successful series and Angel was just taking off. Interestingly, I think a lot of his core fanbase who watched Buffy and Angel didn’t carry over to Firefly. That wasn’t what did the show in though. I blame that on two things, Fox once again not knowing anything about the show they bought, and the fact that Whedon’s shows are an exercise in real character development. Networks have to be willing to stick it out for good drama. Otherwise it’s just reality shows with quick emotional highs and no depth. Unfortunately those get the ratings. That and I do think Joss automatically starts out with smaller core audiences. Fox probably just panicked.

    Tru Calling had lots of Buffy alumni. I think Eliza actually turned down a Buffy-type spin-off role for this one.

    Dark Angel is pretty much the pinnacle of Fox/Whedon/Cameron series failures. Fox gave it two seasons, and then, so I’ve heard, they canceled it and picked up Firefly. I always thought of Dark Angel as a kind of techno-Buffy too.

    And to top it off I think Wonderfalls had a few writers from Buffy.

    Scary how Sarah Connor kind of fits into this. This might not bode well.

  2. Then again, maybe it’s time for FOX to surprise us. 😉

    Kind of makes you wonder what sort of fate is in store for that “Dollhouse” project of Whedon’s and Dushku’s on FOX this fall. Brave of Whedon to get back in that FOX saddle again after what he went through with Firefly. Same for Dushku and Tru Calling. Of course they had to do a show like that on FOX. Most of the other major nets wouldn’t have the guts to touch it. That’s what drives me crazy about FOX. They take chances on original shows then never give them time to grow… not since The X-Files anyway.

  3. Well I hope they come through for us. I found out today Fox is getting a lot of praise for putting New Amsterdam after American Idol. Nice of them to do the same for Sarah Connor…

    Dollhouse looks interesting. I’m a big Joss fan, and Eliza always shines on his shows. I had heard a nasty rumor that Joss was talking the show up as a replacement for Sarah Connor, but I really can’t believe that. Not after what he went through with Firefly. Plus he adores Summer. I can see network executives talking it up, but not Joss. I’d be pretty disappointed in him if it were true.

    I’ll probably watch it when it comes out though (provided, of course, that Fox finds it in it’s heart to renew Sarah Connor). I like the premise. And anything having to do with amnesia, alternate personalities and Joss Whedon’s dialog is bound to be both deep and witty.

  4. Dollhouse is the one show I’m most curious about. Whedon always delievers something different with his shows… and gives us witty dialogue to boot. Fringe has me intrigued since it’s from J.J. Abrams and he always has something trippy up his sleeve. As long as FOX makes room for T: TSCC we’ll be fine. 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll wind up with what FOX originally planned – 24 and Terminator together on the same night. Now that would be a good line up.

  5. 24 and Terminator would do well. But, okay, there’s NO WAY I’m waiting until January 2009 for Terminator to return! It’s going to be bad enough waiting until the Fall! 🙂

    I’m curious though what show they’d need to pair it with for the Fall season. And what day would be best for the show? Part of me wants to see it get an Idol boost, but then again I have to wonder if the Idol audience is the same audience that wants to see a show like SCC? Mondays worked for 24, and SCC found it’s audience, but I was thinking there has to be a better lead-in than Prison Break.

  6. Anything but Prison Break. I agree.

    I’m not sure I’d want Sarah Connor to have a fixed spot after Idol but an episode or two to help expose more people to the show couldn’t hurt. 24 really seems like the best fit given FOX’s existing programs, but I don’t want to wait that long, either. Maybe one of the new shows on their fall slate will fit the bill nicely.

  7. Whoa…look at this.

    “Now, the official word from the network is, “No word yet regarding season two. Fox usually announces returning shows in May around upfronts.” However, in addition to some scuttlebutt that came our way yesterday saying production is set to resume in mid to late June, star Thomas Dekker told me at last night’s American Idol party he was feeling pretty good and is “pretty sure” the new season will happen.”

  8. I’m hearing some positive things. I can’t say more than that at this point but I am hopeful about the show’s future. When I hear something official this will be my first stop!

  9. Thanks for sharing by the way!

  10. Positive things? Awesome!

    I had decided yesterday that the news seemed favorable enough to breathe at least a little sigh of relief. But I won’t truly let my guard down until I hear the official news from Fox.

    haha…I have given in and started making Terminator artwork and wallpapers though. My fandom will not be stopped! No matter what Fox does! 🙂

  11. Ha! I’m way ahead of you! 😉 I’ve been playing with some icons for LiveJournal. I’ve also done a round for the Save WMC campaign. I’ll post all of them here in a day or so.

    You’ll have to send me a link when you’re ready to share. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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