Sarah Connor Chronicles update

Did the numbers add up?


Will Sarah and Cameron be back to kick more butt in season 2?  Word is that the 2 hour finale for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles at least lived up to ratings expectations.  Perhaps even exceeded them a little.  Once the DVR data comes in that number will undoubtedly jump.  But will it be enough?  One can only hope.  Especially after seeing last night’s finale.

For the DVR crowd I won’t spoil anything here.  I’ll just say that I really enjoyed the twists and turns the finale played out for us.  I’m more fascinated with Cameron than ever and even more confused as to whether she can be trusted.  And if we get a season 2 we will apparently get to see the awkward teen machine go to the prom.  If that isn’t a scenario that Summer Glau won’t sink her teeth into as Cameron I don’t know what is.  It’s entertaining to imagine the possibilities, though.

I’ve seen many a person picking the finale apart on-line today.  Just enjoy it, people.  It was two fun hours of television with several complex and fascinating characters to watch.  I was glad to see Ellison facing reality (literally) in this episode.  That whole scene was visually cool to watch.  And the Johnny Cash music was twisted enough to work.

I’ll hold my tongue for now on any further comments to give DVR viewers a chance to catch up.  But I’m only giving you three days.  Then I’m spoiling away. 🙂  Anyone who wants to chat about show specifics can leave a comment, and we’ll discuss the finale’s good and weak points there.

So keep those fingers crossed for season 2.  When I know something I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Oh, and I stumbled on this teaser poster for the show and thought I would share it here.  It’s rather cool…terminator-teaser.png


~ by promogirl on March 4, 2008.

15 Responses to “Sarah Connor Chronicles update”

  1. “And the Johnny Cash music was twisted enough to work.”

    So true. And you know I think it was at that point, when I realized they were going for “art” over sticking to the prescribed finale for an action-packed blockbuster that I both felt a bit nervous for them and incredibly impressed at the same time. Takes guts to make a “blood-bath” artistic and hope the audience stays with you. But honestly I am so glad they went for it.

    It’s funny too, because that was the scene everyone was talking about at work today. It worked. It really worked. Should be pretty exciting to see them continue that kind of thing in future episodes.

  2. There was something much more potent about seeing all those bodies floating in the water. I think we’ve seen so many shots where the villian walks through a maze of strewn corpses all around him that we’re used to it. We expect it even. This had much more impact.

    And you’re right. That was one of the two scenes everyone at my office was talking about.

    The other was the scene where Sarah continued to sit on the bed with Cameron’s “shell.” We all pondered whether that meant some sort of turning point in that uneasy alliance. Or maybe Sarah was just too tired to get up… 🙂

  3. Potent is right. It was surreal how the shot was from the bottom of the pool.

    That was an interesting scene with Sarah too. I had to wonder if she felt a bit bad, and yet at the same time respected Cameron a whole lot more. This wasn’t the Cameron she thought she knew, the one she used to refer to as “Tin Miss”, or the one she’d threatened to take apart bolt by bolt because she did’t trust her…here Cameron was actually giving up her last “bolt” willingly, actually helping John to do it, so they could complete the mission.

    I think in a way Sarah realized not just how devoted Cameron is to the mission, but how devoted she is to John too. I mean there are risks and then there are RISKS. She’d just been accused of betraying them, and here she is giving up her chip, her entire brain, she was powerless, and Derek, her biggest “opponent” of the night almost, had her chip in his hands. That makes an impression. I thought it was a very touching scene really, one of my favorites of the finale.

  4. I thought that scene spoke volumes of what Sarah actually thinks of Cameron. You can tell she doesn’t want to trust her. And she REALLY doesn’t want to like her. But I think she does. It shows when she explains things and the smirks she wears when Cameron is getting medieval on the bad guys. The two actresses obviously have had a lot of talks in regards to where these two characters are coming from. I’m curious to see how Sarah will react to Cameron going boom. I’m sure whatever the writers will do with that scene it will be the opposite of what I expect. They have a nice habit of surprising me that way.

    I also wonder what Ellison and Dixon are going to do now. They’ve both seen the truth in a rather gruesome display and each knows the other knows. Should be interesting to see how that plays out. And I sincerely hope we GET to see it play out.

    Finally the most cryptic line of the finale. “I saw everything.” What do you think Cameron meant by that? Was there a “truth” she found for herself while inside the computer? Or was she referring to Derek and her chip somehow? And I have to wonder what things Cameron has lied to John about. And why. I’m not entirely convinced John is really Cameron’s primary mission. She follows Sarah around way too much if that’s the case. Can’t wait to see more of what’s really going on in that metal head of hers…

  5. Yeah I think you’re right, Sarah does like her, despite not wanting to. Something I took away from that scene too was Sarah probably wondering if there was hope for Cameron. Sarah’s voice-over in T2 talked about a terminator learning the value of human life. And that comes back up again in this episode with the whole “But it’s not life, it’s just bones and meat. Was that bad to say?” thing. Cameron was trying to understand. And now here Sarah was staring at non-life, yet, was she caring about Cameron? Was it life or not? I think Sarah has a lot of things rattling around when it comes to that, to some extent also because of John. John sent Cameron back. Why her? Why not just another Arnold-type model? Also, John won’t let them control her. John knows she may lie to them, not tell them her entire mission, but yet…she knows so many private things about John, she talks about “the John I know”. I think that scares Sarah a bit, a machine knowing more about her son than she does. But in some ways seeing Cameron sacrifice, I think that helps Sarah and John both learn that the machines aren’t just “pets” like Derek thinks, but almost necessary partners in the hope of a future world. I want to see this play out over several seasons. There is a lot of depth to explore there.

    Cameron should be okay from the explosion, but I have to wonder if it won’t be Derek that comes to her aid. She’s saved him what like twice now? It would be an interesting twist. John will probably be the most affected though.

    My bet for Charley and Ellison is they start to team up on tracking Cromartie. There’s no way the FBI will stand for that kind of fire-fight and let it go.

    I think the writers put up a few layers on that “I saw everything” line. She saw ARTIE, she saw part of the future Skynet, she saw what Skynet wanted, she saw John defend her, she saw Derek still not trusting her, she fulfilled an important part of a (still hidden) mission, and she definitely saw John having trouble cutting her open and taking the chip, as well as being really gentle with her. There’s lot of spoilers and rumors floating around about the whole future John/Cameron ship, but I think the writers are probably going to keep it with emotional development for now. Summer had an interesting interview where she talked about Cameron and future John, the beginning of their relationship, and how she cried while reading it. There’s a lot of emotional development to explore there, and a lot to explore with Cameron’s mission – the lying, why she only takes orders from future John, etc. They REALLY need a few seasons for this stuff. I hope they get it!

    By the way, have you heard any word on that? I wonder how long Fox is going to torture us before they say?

  6. I think my source at FOX feels equally tortured by the wait. The source is a fan, too. 😉 I’ve heard some optimistic things, but this is FOX we’re talking about so I won’t believe anything until it’s confirmed.

    I think Ellison is going to be under the FBI magnifying glass after being the only one to walk away unscathed. And I think Charley is a goner. My guess is Derek will kill him and blame his death on Cameron. It’s kind of a soap opera thought but the seeds have been sown for it to happen.

    So you think Derek will pull Cameron out of the Jeep, huh? That seems plausible. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if it’s Sarah.

    Thinking about how you view the relationship between Sarah and Cameron I realized something. Sarah acts like a new mother-in-law, threatened by the new woman in her son’s life. And Cameron acts like the daughter-in-law who wants mom’s approval and yet she fiercely defends her “place” in John’s life. Hmm.

    As soon as I hear something about the show’s fate (good or bad) I’ll post it here. Promise!

  7. Spot on about Sarah and Cameron. You know the scene that best outlines that for me? Remember in the second episode the scene when Cameron walked in with the diamond?

    Cameron: “Why are diamonds a girl’s best friend?”
    Sarah: “Where’d you get that?”
    Cameron: “John gave it to me.”
    Sarah: *pauses* “He did, did he? That was sweet of him…”

    And then Cameron hits her with “I know what the Tin Man is. He needed a heart.” Summer played that scene phenomenally. And then they capped it off with Sarah having a “mom moment”, remembering how she read The Wizard of Oz to John, and then having Cameron finish the memory. That set the tone right there, in fact that entire episode did. It’s one of my favorite episodes of the season.

    So you really think Charley will be toast? I figured Cromartie might get him eventually, but Derek would make for some wild drama. I think Sarah might actually kill him if she ever found out.

    I’ve been thinking more about the jeep explosion too. I wonder if they’ll start off with the rescue at all? Josh Friedman kept saying how episode 10 would be a terrible season opener. He may decide to rework the next part into some kind of cohesive flashback and show it throughout the season two opener. That way they can have the action for season two start out with Cameron back in business instead of hiding out in the house wrapped up in bandages.

    Anyway I hope your friend at Fox hears good news! My fear is that Fox is going to wait to see how New Amsterdam and Canturbury’s Law do before making an announcement. I really hope they don’t make us wait!

  8. I think Derek has some less than pure thoughts about Sarah. He’s obviously a man who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. So yeah, I really wouldn’t put it past him to off Charley. That’s just wild speculation, though.

    And I’m with you about that second episode. I loved everything about it. That hooked me on the series more than the pilot did.

    My guess is that you’re absolutely right about FOX waiting on the numbers for Amsterdam and Law. Unfortunately, Amsterdam benefited from something T: SCC never got – a slot behind American Idol. The ratings for the premiere were enough for FOX to win the timeslot. We’ll see if that holds for the next few episodes. I’ve heard the series is not as bad as the critics say it is… which doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement.

    I think we’ll know Sarah Connor’s fate sooner rather than later. If FOX is smart they’ll let the internet buzz continue to grow (I’ve had more hits on this blog’s terminator entries than all the others combined) then announce the renewal to keep excitement up. That’s sort of a big “if,” though.

  9. Sarah seems to be doing a good job of corralling Derek so far. He’s certainly been trying to poison the group relationship with Cameron, but I think that’s fallen flat. Then again maybe he’s switched from overt to covert, in that sense.

    You know which other episode was awesome for the Sarah/Cameron dynamic? Heavy Metal. That was where the whole “the John I know” dialog came up. I think Summer and Lena played off one another perfectly.

    I admit, I have a bias against New Amsterdam. I like stories about immortals, but I look at this one and all I see is some bad rehash of Highlander. There was some press interview with the creators too that was kind of bewildering. They didn’t seem to know where the show was going, or how similar it was to a bunch of other stories. I don’t know, maybe it’ll turn out okay. I really wish Fox had given Sarah Connor a chance to get that Idol boost. Did you know that show pulls in like almost 30 million viewers no matter what night they show it on? Wild.

    Fox really should take your advice on internet buzz, but I wonder if they will. I actually was curious how many hits their own boards got for Sarah Connor, if they were keeping up with the fans or if they’re really just letting this thing ride on straight numbers. Hey you know what else they should do? Announce the DVD release for Season One. With only nine episodes it won’t be that expensive. I bet it’ll sell really well, probably draw in a lot of new fans.

  10. FOX does, in fact, pay close attention to the fan’s on-line involvement. One way to help the show (if you don’t have a Nielsen box) is to register over at FOX for access to all the Sarah Connor goodies – and they have a lot of them. Lots of free downloads. A video game. You name it. Hit the boards there and chat the show up. FOX is watching that.

    I’m with you on Amsterdam. I rarely watched Highlander but I’m familiar enough with the premise to know a rip-off when I see one. If that show gets picked up because of the Idol boost and Terminator gets canned I WILL NOT watch another new show on FOX. It’s not worth the risk of getting invested because the odds are already against it on that network. I’ll just wait for the DVDs. Bones is the only other series I make a habit out of watching and they move it so dang much I never know when it’s on. Frustrating. Very frustrating. I know it’s a business but my time is my time and FOX keeps wasting it.

    Okay. There is my little rant for the day!

  11. It’s funny, I actually did register at Fox. Wanna know when they sent me the email with the Cameron endoskeleton graphic for the finale? 10PM Monday night. Can you believe? 10PM! I had already played it all back on the DVR by then.

    Needless to say that did not improve my opinion of their efforts to promote the show.

    Anyway, I think I’m about at the same place you are when it comes to cancellation. If they ax SCC, I doubt I’ll be all that interested in watching new shows on Fox anymore. And you know I have to wonder, if they are reading all the fan talk online, then they have to see this sentiment, that a lot of fans really have no confidence in Fox, that shows make it on Fox in spite of the network’s efforts, not because of them. That’s some pretty severe damage to their brand image. But yet I don’t see them taking any steps to repair it.

  12. I think they have suffered some brand damage, honestly… but I don’t think they’re clueless to that fact. I have a hunch the show is coming back. That’s what I want to believe anyway. That’s weird about the email. I got a similar one several hours before the premiere. Let’s hope they had sooooooo many people registered that their servers just couldn’t handle it all. Nice thought at least…

  13. I was thinking… I watched Vick’s Chip again the other day. You know how we were talking about when Sarah is left sitting there with Cameron’s shell? I had another thought about that scene. I forgot how that was after both she and Derek tried to plant the virus and got into the fight with the cops.

    They had to come up with another plan. And basically the plan they devised, Sarah had no part in it. She was in a sense out of the loop. It was John and Cameron’s show. And they kind of convey that by leaving her there alone. Well, I mean they convey more than that, but it was in there.

    It’s an interesting character milestone, especially since it was also after John made Cameron promise not to tell Sarah about Cromartie. Now they’re keeping secrets from Sarah – whereas at the beginning of the season it was Sarah and Cameron keeping secrets from John (about Enrique).

    Anyway I thought that was interesting. I’m curious to see how often it comes up in the second season.

  14. I hadn’t thought about that. You make a pretty interesting point.

    This show has so many lovely layers of drama, doesn’t it? I wish more people watched but perhaps they stayed away knowing FOX’s rep. I know a few people who said they would only watch if the show got picked up. They’re planning on grabbing the DVDs if FOX does right by this show.

  15. I know people that stayed away too, for the same reason. It’s kinda sad you know, Fox has created this entire sub-audience of fans who stay away from their shows. That has to be a first. It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy too: the fans stay away from a good show because the show might get canceled, and lo and behold viewership is poor.

    And what’s worse is, everyone I’ve actually convinced to watch Terminator? They love it! But oh my gosh…it’s like pulling teeth when they hear it’s Fox.

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