So, Stargate: Atlantis fans, as cool as “Kindred part 2” was what did you think about the promo for the season finale???  Keller and McKay kissing?  Whoa.  Didn’t see that one coming.  Are we going to have to start calling them McKeller now?  I have to admit, a part of me is very intrigued by this potential pairing.  Both characters can be quite awkward in adorable ways.  When you think about it, they’re kind of perfect for each other.

Both Kindred parts one and two were quite enjoyable.  Of course the producers could have shown color bars for an hour as long as I got Carson’s return in the end.  I’m not one of the people who protested endlessly over his death, but I was sad to see him go.  I’m very much looking forward to next year when we’ll get to see him and Keller working side by side.  And for you Firefly fans that have been following my comments about finally getting around to watching the show… Dr. Keller is played by Jewel Staite – just in case that had skipped your attention somehow.


I doubt it did, though.  You Browncoats are a very devoted and detail oriented bunch!

As for Firefly… I’m almost done with disc 3.  “Out of Gas” was my favorite by far.  I was riveted the whole episode and will probably watch it again before sending the disc back to Netflix.  I’m also glad to see River coming into her own as a more fleshed out character on this disc.  And I have to admit, the guys with the blue gloves are just creeeepy.  I have to give Summer Glau real credit.  Ass kicking skills aside the two characters I’ve seen her play are as different as night and day. 

Which reminds me.  Don’t forget to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles finale Monday on FOX.  We need all the fans to tune in so this will be the season finale rather than the series finale.   

And for the Women’s Murder Club viewers… click on the link at the right to check out the counter.  We’ve only been tracking hits for a little over a week.  We’re hoping to hit 5000 by Monday.  TV Gal over at gave the site a shout out as did, get this, freaking James Patterson.  Yeah, that James Patterson – the author whose books inspired the show.  How cool is that?


~ by promogirl on March 1, 2008.

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