It all comes down to this…

The future of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is in serious doubt.


Last night the numbers were down.  I’ve heard that the only way the show will get renewed is if next week’s finale has ratings that equal the show’s season average.

What does that mean?

It means you better watch.  It means you better tell your friends to watch.  It means that you should leave this site and go post on as many boards and forums as you can to let other fans know to watch.  Otherwise, you can kiss Sarah, John, and Cameron goodbye.

Keep next week’s season finale from being the SERIES finale.


~ by promogirl on February 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “It all comes down to this…”

  1. The crazy thing is, the DVR numbers are (as Cameron would say) freaking big, iTunes downloads push Lost out of the way most of the time, Amazon unbox is doing well, and nearly every article I read about what’s in store for next Fall the journalist or blogger makes a special point to say how Terminator is really growing on them (and then the comments fill up with people chiming in how much they love the show, it’s kinda cool actually). And that was with less than half a full season of episodes!

    Yet, here it is, on the bubble. And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why the live viewer numbers keep dropping for this show. It had such a stellar premier, and then right after that the second episode set the tone for this slow hemorrhage all the way down to 7.1 million live viewers last week. And that’s with each episode getting better and better too. I don’t get it. I mean it’s like a huge chunk of the fanbase is a part of the techno-geek crowd that timeshifts everything and downloads everything, and they’re just eschewing live viewership.

    So what is the season average for viewers? 8, 9 million? I’m hoping just the fact that it’s being advertised as the finale will pump the numbers back up to that. But I’ve been telling all my friends to watch too. I really want this show to come back.

  2. I’m right there with you, frank. I don’t get it, either. I don’t understand why FOX put so much money and promotion into the show then didn’t give it the post Super Bowl spot or a slot after American Idol. Either would have helped big time.

    As we know, FOX has a bad history of creating shows such as this and dumping them. Why should fans invest in another show like Terminator on the FOX network when everyone knows at this point that FOX never gives shows like that a chance!

    The stranger thing still is that FOX seems to understand that the rating system as it stands doesn’t cut it anymore. They’re obviously branching out into more web based elements. One need only look at the T:SCC section on to see that. Perhaps the online element isn’t bringing in the revenue they hoped for. Weird.

    I agree that the show has gotten better with every episode. I think FOX would be foolish to let this one get away. Hopefully the finale numbers will be good enough to get us a second season. I’m already working on one “save our show” campaign. I really hope I won’t have to gear up for another.

  3. Well, good luck with that other “save the show” campaign. I hope it works out. I REALLY hope it won’t be necessary with SCC. With good numbers tonight hopefully this danger will pass.

    You know I think part of the marketing thing is Fox just doesn’t understand half the shows it has sometimes, how golden they really are. It’s like they don’t truly understand why fans are attracted to their shows. They promoted this show like it was “24”, and if you’ve seen the promotional clips for tonight’s finale they still are, which is all wrong in my opinion. Yes, it has blockbuster elements, and okay, Summer is far and away the uber-geek “it” girl, but despite that that is not the full appeal of this show at all. You can’t turn Cameron into a superhero and make it explode like T2 for an entire season, that’s just not possible with a TV show. Character development is the thing, and I see the writers trying to do it in a really deep way. That chess game from Queen’s Gambit? MAJOR foreshadowing about the chess game between John and Skynet. Cameron hanging onto the coltan in Heavy Metal, her ballet performance, the dark music room mystery? This is the making of a huge story arc, with big themes on the nature of humanity juxtaposed with the coldness of war and the alien-ness of artificial intelligence. I mean in T2 Arnold went from cold terminator to John’s foster dad in like no time flat. That doesn’t happen on TV.

    This show is real sci-fi drama, and that means the writers are going to give us this rising crescendo of episodes like last weeks with Cameron-ballet, and the week before that with the future flash-back showing why Derek is so screwed up. It’s not action all the time or even character resolution all the time. This kind of development takes time, but I really think it builds the most loyal and long lasting audience.

    But yet, Fox doesn’t seem to understand that, they don’t try to cultivate that audience. It’s disappointing really. Which to be honest is why I was so surprised to see a new show like SCC, and why I like it so much.

  4. I really couldn’t have said it any better myself. While I generally like science fiction shows, I’ve found that the sci-fi element is not what draws me to this series. It’s the relationships – especially between Sarah and Cameron. These two are always fascinating to watch when they interact. Every scene between them has so many layers. Watching that evolving relationship has been fascinating. Will they ever become friends? Will Sarah ever come to care for Cameron as an individual and not a machine? Occasionally Sarah plays “mom” to Cameron and explains things to her, but then she’ll turn around and shove the unconscious terminator out the window like a sack of hammers. You never know what you’re going to get between these two. It is Sara’s reaction to Cameron and all that she represents that is often the most compelling aspect of the show -for me at least.

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