What’s new with WMC (and a few comments on Firefly)

New icons for the Save WMC campaign thanks to grumpybear1031 at LiveJournal.  Here they are.  Use ’em far and wide!

Nice to see Jacobi in there!  If you want some of Tom you should click the SAVE WMC link at the right and ask nicely. 🙂

I was worried that interest might slack off among the committee members running the campaign once ABC announced they were bringing the show back.  I’m happy to report the news seems to have only energized everyone’s efforts.  Just remember to watch LIVE when the show returns in April.  And keep checking the Save WMC site often for updates.  Now there is even a letter you can download if you don’t feel like writing your own.  There’s also a “kiss” letter for overseas fans… a way for you to send a message without having to find someone here in the states willing to mail the candy for you.


So on to Firefly.  I’ve finished disc 2.  My favorite line?  “Noah’s Ark is a problem.”  River really started coming into her own as a character in “Jaynestown.”  I loved her reaction to Sheppard’s hair and her subsequent, “Keep walking, preacher man,” when he approached her later.  I’m not sure which episode I’d pick as my favorite off this disc.  It would definitely be a toss up between “Jaynestown” and “Our Mrs. Reynolds.”  I laughed out loud when Inara kissed Mal only to fall victim to the poison herself.  Cute.  The one-liners seem to be coming more fast and furious now, reminding me of the snappy writing Joss Whedon is famous for.  I can already tell I’ll be disappointed when I’m through with the series.  Fox really does a great job of finding unique, entertaining programs – and then killing them off without remorse.  They should try to find a way to bring the show back.  I’ll bet it would do well for them now.  I’m just hoping they give Sarah Connor a second season to find its legs.  It’d be a shame for Summer Glau to have the network put her through the same crap again…   


~ by promogirl on February 24, 2008.

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