An update…


The fight to save Women’s Murder Club continues.  I’ve never been so deeply involved with efforts to bring a show back before.  For that matter, I’ve never actually done anythingto bring a show back before.  The internet is an amazing animal when it comes to banding fans together in a common cause.  I’ve met some very nice people who answered the call to save the show in remarkable ways.  From creating the site (in a day) I keep begging you to visit… to posting on forums, user groups, blogs, journals, etc, etc, these people have been awesome.   I don’t know if we’ll be successful but we’ll know we tried.  That’s a better feeling than just being pissed at ABC for axing a show we love. 

Terminator: TSCC 


As for other shows… I continue to love the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Lena Headey and Summer Glau are simply amazing.  Their scenes together are always the best of every episode.  When Sarah threatened Cameron with bodily harm if she went near Charlie… wow.  And Summer played the part of a confused, hurt, and yet cagey robot to perfection.  The dynamic between these characters is like nothing else on television.

I could have done with a little less Reese in this week’s episode, however.  While I liked the glimpse into the future and am intrigued by the snippets of it we saw, every time we focused on Derek the show seemed to drag.  I like that Charlie’s back, although I’m sure a painful end is in store for him.  Poor guy.  You just know a terminator is going to take him out before this is all over with.

I’m curious what everyone thought about Cameron keeping the dead terminator’s chip.  I see this as a sign of remorse.  That chip is the closest thing to a soul a terminator has.  Destroying the body is one thing.  The chip is the only thing that makes each terminator unique… and individual as it were.  Do you think I’m nuts?  Or do you believe Cameron’s motivation for pocketing the chip is something more sinister?

Stargate: Atlantis


I also really enjoyed Stargate Atlantis’new episode “The Kindred part 1.”  Carson’s back!  While I love Dr. Keller and am glad Jewel Staite will be a regular next season, I’m still glad to have my favorite Scottish doc breathing again.  I also liked seeing more Sam for a change.  Her scenes with Teyla were nicely played.  Man, I’m going to miss Amanda Tapping next season.  She’s been a great commander.  I’m on the fence about Woolsey taking over in season 5.  I’ve loved Robert Piccardo since China Beach,but I only like Woolsey in small doses.  We’ll see.

Ronon is getting to be a better and better character this season.  The actor is seven levels of pretty but the writers haven’t given him much to do.  Seeing his more playful side this season has been a blast.


I’m behind on Lost and my friends are quite agitated about that.  Apparently Thursday’s episode was the best. one. ever.  Hmm.  I’ll try to watch it this weekend.


And for those curious about my take on Firefly disc 2… I’m two episode in with two to go.  I just love Jayne.  I have to say that.  I’m still waiting on more info on River and Simon although “Safe” gave me a few clues.  I’m finding the show compelling and really enjoy Mal’s southern charm.  They way the characters speak is one of the most appealing aspects of the show.

All for now.  I’ve got some Hershey Kisses to mail to ABC… 





~ by promogirl on February 23, 2008.

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