What’s with me?

It seems Women’s Murder Club isn’t the only show I like that’s in jeopardy of not returning this fall.

Here’s another.

I read today that FOX isn’t happy with the numbers Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is posting.  As expensive as the show is to produce, that might not bode very well for fans of this surprisingly good drama.  I have to take issue with FOX’s promotion of the show, however.  While the network did a great job getting the word out before the premiere, it’s missed out on opportunity after opportunity to bring in new viewers.  Instead of giving Sarah the post-Super Bowl slot they gave it to House, a show that doesn’t need any help in the ratings.  Instead of putting this show after American Idol they air… yep, you guessed it, House again.  I mean, what the hell?  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

If you haven’t checked out the Sarah Connor Chronicles I highly recommend it.  Lena Headey has some serious acting chops.  Her scenes with Terminator Cameron (a particularly effective Summer Glau) are something to watch.  I have to say that this week’s episode was especially good.  Cameron’s scene with the high school guidance councilor was both funny and disconcerting.  Glau should get an Emmy nod for those few minutes alone.  Best line of the night?  As they all hop into the car John calls out “I call shotgun!”  Cameron’s reply, “I call nine millimeter.”

No, the show doesn’t have all the flashy effects of the movies, but it does have a kind of gritty drama that reminds me of Battlestar Galatica.  And if you like shows with strong female leads (both mentally and physically) there is nothing better than Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Even if you’ve never watched the movies there is still entertainment to be had.  I had seen neither the 1st or 2nd movie in years, but I still love the show.  Check it out and let me know what you think.   

Before FOX religates this one to the trash heap along with Tru Calling, Wonderfalls, and Firefly


~ by promogirl on February 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “What’s with me?”

  1. +

    I take issue with FOX as well, regarding T:TSCC and the Super Bowl, but for a completely different reason: the promos with the tagline, “She’s a killer robot with killer looks.”

    I cringed and wanted to smack my brainpan — hard — against a wall when those aired. Repeatedly. Believe me, I am the last person to easily take offense at such things, and I’m certainly no card-carrying member of the PC police. But FOX blatantly missed the whole point of the show, the characters, Cameron’s character in particular, and — indeed — what makes the show worth watching.

    This isn’t 90210 or The OC with a metal endoskeleton. This is a very good sci-fi drama with characters worth caring about. Yet ironically, FOX is going to miss the chance to substantially build a diverse audience base by catering to adolescent males with raging hormones.

    FOX: That audience is ALREADY THERE, and preaching to the choir won’t win converts.

    I didn’t watch this show when it premiered, largely because I feared it WOULD be what FOX seems to be promoting: Sarah Connor, John Connor, and “robo-babe.” My GOD, I almost missed out on a very good show, a great character (Cameron), and the gifted actress who plays her (Summer Glau), because that’s what I mistakenly thought the show would be. (FOX, thank iTunes for the free pilot download bringing me to this show.)

    Yet FOX, by pandering to a demographic already watching, is probably turning away a large number of intelligent viewers by portraying the show — and Cameron — in a way that is at best wrong, and at worst cheap.

    Yes, FOX. We know Summer Glau is pretty. Anyone with eyes gets that. You don’t have to tell us. Show us Cameron instead. Show us Cameron getting slapped hard by Sarah after killing a man in cold blood in Episode #2 and having no idea why Sarah is upset. THAT’s Cameron, and THAT’s the kind of stuff that makes this show worth watching.

    Don’t cheapen the show, Cameron, or Summer Glau with your bottom-barrel promos, and you just might increase your viewership. Unless you want to once again have a very good sci-fi show on your hands — that stars Summer Glau — and wreck it into cancellation.

    You took River from us, and for that I will never forgive you. Don’t do the same with Cameron.

  2. You raise several excellent points. I actually work in promotion for a living (although thankfully not for FOX) and you’re right that the network is pandering with the bulk of their spots. I want to see them promote the show more like SciFi does with Battlestar Galatica. FOX has one of the best, most complex dramas on television and instead of selling a quality starved audience on the fact that they’ve got a good show they’ve gone the T&A route instead. Classy.

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