Can We Be Done?


Inspector Lindsey Boxer (played winningly by Angie Harmon) often utters this line to get out of awkward conversations.

Now it looks like ABC might be saying the same thing to Women’s Murder Club.

The latest news on the series’ fate post-strike is not looking good according to Michael Aussielo (sp?) over at TV Guide.  I have to admit.  That news just ruined my day.

WMC is not the best show on television ever.  But it is fun and has a terrific cast that are a blast to watch.  I’m seriously pissed that ABC is thinking of yanking it – especially when it gave the net it’s best ratings on Friday nights in years.  Let’s face it.  ABC has not had a stellar season – Cashmere Mafia, Carpoolers, Caveman, October Road… they’re all doing (or did) horribly in the ratings.  I can only cross my fingers and hope that we’ll get at least another season for the show to find its legs – and a larger audience. 


~ by promogirl on February 8, 2008.

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