Good news and bad news…


The good news…

Amanda Tapping’s Sanctuary (I have the link posted on this site) has been picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel for an initial 13 episode order.  The web based series was quite entertaining, and I imagine it will be even more visually stunning on television.  Both Tapping and director Martin Wood will be reducing their roles on Sci-Fi’s established hit Stargate Atlantis to work on the new series.

That’s the bad news.

I migrated to Atlantis for the show’s fourth season just for the character of Col. Samantha Carter.  I caught up with the show’s first three seasons and was ready and raring to go when Sam joined the expedition this year.  I hear she’ll be making several appearances in season 5, but I was seriously loving Carter as the leader. 

So, bad news for us Carter fans, but the news is tempered by the fact we’ll have another great sci-fi show to watch.

I’m happy for the folks at Sanctuary but the Stargate fan in me is a little bummed.  


~ by promogirl on February 1, 2008.

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