Back to the island


Lost.  How I’ve missed you.

Last night’s premiere was perfect.  We got honest reaction to Charlie’s death.  We got more island creepiness.  We got reunions.  Flash fowards.  The Oceanic 6… It was a lot to take in, but it was one hell of a ride.

Where to begin?  It was nice to see the whole cast again.  Even better, they all had something to do.  Even Rose and Bernard got a few good moments.  But the episode belonged to Hurley.  He had so many good scenes.  The two that standout are his interrogation by Anna Lucia’s former partner, and, of course, his telling Claire of Charlie’s death.  When asked if he had known Anna Lucia, you could see the pain and remembrance in Hurley’s eyes, but he denied that they had ever met.  And the scene with Claire actually succeeded in making me cry.  It felt very real on a show that has smoke monsters, whispering jungles, and bizarre four toed statues…

To give Hugo that one moment of gentle joy… where he did a cannonball into the ocean… only to have him surface to not only Charlie’s death but the news that their rescuers might not be all that they appear… it just made everything that came after all the more heartbreaking.

Seeing Charlie again (looking rather clean and handsome, I might add) was a pleasant surprise.   For some reason it didn’t occur to me that Hurley had seen Charlie of all people in the convenience store.  And What did Charlie mean when he told Hurley, “They need you.”  Who does?  The rest of the Oceanic 6?  Or those who stayed behind on the island?

And who are the Oceanic 6?  We know three of them.  Hurley.  Jack.  Kate.  Based on last season’s finale it would seem that maybe one of the other survivors is now dead.  So who are the two remaining?  And who was in that coffin in the finale?  And will we ever find out what’s up with that four toed statue?

Lost continues to inspire the imagination.  Can’t wait to see where it takes us next week. 



~ by promogirl on February 1, 2008.

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