Kind of cool…

So I’m surfing the web the other night and stumble across a blog.  That’s hardly unusual.  But I was more than a little surprised when I realized the author happened to write for one of my favorite new shows this season.  It was just her personal blog with only a handful of mentions about the series – some of them almost in passing.  When I realized she was actually a writer and not just a fan, I jotted her a quick email just to say how much I enjoyed her work and the show. 

She wrote me back.

The show is Women’s Murder Club which is currently on hiatus from the ABC schedule until after the strike.  The author of the blog and the entertaining episode called “No Opportunity Necessary” was Nichelle Tramble.  I just thought it was very kind of her to take a few minutes to reply to me, some nameless fan out there in Internet land.   She said my nice note had made her day.

Her response made mine.

Hopefully ABC will give WMC a full pickup very soon.  Who wouldn’t want a cast that looks like this on their schedule?


Check it out when ABC hopefully starts airing reruns again.  The cast’s chemistry is awesome.


~ by promogirl on January 31, 2008.

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