Trailer Music

Something to talk about today other than TV.  Movies.

Specifically music from movie trailers.  It’s almost always great stuff and yet you never know where to get your hands on it.  I’ve been on a kick lately where I’m downloading (legally, thank you) this kind of music like crazy.  I just thought I’d share a few of my finds.


E.S. Posthumus just recently released their new album but it doesn’t even come close to how awesome Unearthed is.  For Cold Case fans… the show’s main theme is on here.  I highly recommend this one.


Corner Stone Cues is another favorite.  All of their CDs are full of great music, but I’m especially fond of Requiem for a Tower.  You’ll recognize some of the music here from the Lord of the Rings trailers (I’m pretty sure that’s where I heard it).  One reviewer on iTunes even mentions how you can link several of the songs together to create one long, flowing verison.  And it works…


Last but not least… ARS Arcana (sorry for the tiny picture – it was the only one I could find).  I’ve just recently discovered them in the past few days and am currently enjoying The Savage Tongue CD.  Good stuff.  I’m a fan of all types of music but maybe it’s the TV and movie junky in me that’s can’t get enough of trailer music.  If you’re looking for something to spend those iTunes gift cards you got for Christmas on… give these a try.


~ by promogirl on January 22, 2008.

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