Atlantis, Terminator, Medium and more!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post.  I’ve had a lot of TV to catch up on. 🙂 

The Stargate: Atlantis episode “Quarantine” is first up.  These are the kinds of SGA episodes I love.  Great character moments, some nice CGI, and story that puts everyone in the middle of the action.  The basic plot has everyone getting sealed in various areas of the city when a malfunction convinces the computers a virus is loose.  Normally any number of crack scientists could come to the rescue, but with McKay, Carter and Zelenka cut off… not this time.

Fun moments from this one included Sheppard remembering Rodney’s password and what the numbers represented.  Teyla’s reaction to hearing “42” is the answer to the universe made me laugh out loud.  I also loved the scenes with Ronon and Keller.  I suspect Ronon has been getting hurt on purpose to have a legitimate reason to swing by the infirmary.  Watching them use oxygen tanks to try to get out of the room was pretty entertaining – even though it didn’t work.

And how I loved to see Sam Carter back in full science mode!  Poor Zelenka could only sit back and watch when Sam started trying to get them out of the transporter.  It was nice, however, that Zelenka finally got to be the hero.  Anyone know what he was muttering in those ventilation shafts???

One minor quibble.  How much time is supposed to have passed since Spoils of War (last week’s episode)?  Teyla went from barely showing to most definitely pregnant.  I’d have been as nervous as John being trapped with a woman in a sealed room who looked that ready to pop.  I’m thinking there is more to this baby than Teyla realizes, although she is starting to have a look or two to suggest maybe she knows something is up.  We’ll see.


 I did finally get around to watching the premiere of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Not greatness by any means, but the show did have some promising elements.  Lena Headey is impressive as Sarah.  I forgot all about Linda Hamilton by the end of the episode.  Summer Glau is also fun as the protective terminator.  She’s the most human machine we’ve seen so far and I find that her character is generating the most curiosity for me.  Thomas Dekker as John is the only weak spot.  I’m just not buying Heroes boy in the role, yet.  I haven’t seen the second episode so hopefully my opinion will improve as time wears on.  I’m adding this one to the DVR.  I’m not sold all the way but there is some promise here.  Noteworthy scenes include the terminator cutting his own leg open to retrieve his weapon, Sarah telling a mostly naked Cameron to “put those things back in their holsters,” and the very nice twist of having the three heroes jump ahead in time to 2007.   

I thought this week’s episode of Medium was better than the season premiere.  Angelica Houston is being genuinely nasty and I love it.  Too bad we only get her for 5 episodes.  I’m wondering what’s up with her character.  Allison will figure her out eventually and that will be a fun confrontation to witness.  As usual, I guessed what the dreams meant long before the characters did, but whereas this sometimes ruins my enjoyment of an episode I didn’t find that to be the case here.  I think having Aerial possessing one clue and Allison another was a clever way of telling the story.  And poor Aerial.  Her pleading with herself to wake up when she was in the back of the cop car…  You can’t help but wonder how much of the actual event she had to relive before mom came to the rescue. 

Law & Order: SVU.  It started with such promise.  Benson and Stabler on a case together!  That ended by the opening credits and Olivia disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.  At least we got to see Munch.  I’ve missed the conspiracy nut.  I especially miss seeing him work with Fin.  Can you tell I’m not digging the cast changes this season?  The episode was okay.  Better than most this season but nothing worth taking up more space here than I already have.

I also finally got around to watching the premiere of Ghost Hunters International.  I could really like this show – if it wasn’t for the lead investigator.  He sounds like a robot.  “Andy. Let’s. Go. Upstairs.”  He comes across as very wooden and uncomfortable on camera.  The rest of the crew is completely fine but I found myself fast forwarding every time he was on camera and talking.  Jason and Grant can’t return soon enough.

Last but definitely not least… the final episode of Grey’s Anatomy for the season.  What a way to leave us.  Derek and Meredith are kaput – and it looks like the breakup will actually stick this time.  Derek and Rose are having dinner.  Alex apparently has a very dark secret from his childhood.  Bailey’s marriage is falling apart and her son is in the hospital after a horrible accident.  Bailey and Haun are now at serious odds… the list goes on and on. 

Chandra Wilson was her usual brilliant best as Bailey.  If anyone should have gotten a spin off it’s this character.  I wish we could have her do the voice over in EVERY episode.   I’m also loving Haun.  She’s such a bitch on wheels yet you get the feeling she really does want to be accepted.  Can’t wait to see how her friendship with Callie progresses.  And at least the burgeoning friendship gives Callie something to do.  This episode finally put the character back in the forefront after several episodes of languishing in the background. 

I, for one, am glad Derek and Meredith broke up.  It’s about damn time.  They’ll get back together eventually but hopefully later rather than sooner.  And hopefully this episode signals the end of George and Izzy for good.  Enough already.

Lastly, the look Haun gave Christina when they were in the OR with Tuck.  I have a feeling when the show returns Christina may finally be able to get back to cardio… all because she had enough compassion to hold a little boy’s hand… and to turn down surgery to keep holding that hand.  A very cool character moment.    


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