When bad seasons happen to good shows…

Law & Order: SVU needs to approach the bench.

I love this show.  I can watch marathons of it on USA.  But when this season of overblown storylines and ridiculous predictable “twists” finally makes it into syndication I won’t watch.  Aside from a few good scenes between Benson and an increasingly reckless Casey, the show has been adrift in lame plots this season.  Yeah, the Olivia and Elliot shippers (of which I’m one) got a hug, but we had to watch a ludicrous story about Benson and a pregnant Cathy being trapped in a car to get it.  I worry the show jumped the shark with that one… or maybe it was the episode where Stabler went blind for 5 minutes…

Tuesday’s episode held so much promise but was undone by two things (in my opinion).  1st, the actress cast to play Lauren was simply too damn young.  She’s supposed to be a criminal profiler but I had a hard time believing she was even old enough to go through a psych class in college.  She had zero chemistry with Benson so it made the ending (Mariska Hagarity’s nice acting aside) rather anticlimactic.  And who didn’t guess ten minutes in that agent Cooper was seriously hiding something????

The 2nd thing was the killer’s method of torturing and killing his victims.  The scenes in his torture chamber might have had more kick if I hadn’t just read a very similar storyline in J.D. Robb’s new book.  And sorry SVU folks… Robb did it waaaay better. 

On the plus side, the new guy didn’t annoy me nearly as much as he usually does.

Let’s hope the show turns itself around in the few episodes it has remaining.  For it to end its season with en episode like this one would be a crime. 


~ by promogirl on January 12, 2008.

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