Have you tried on Cashmere?


Now that two episodes have hit the air I’m wondering what people are thinking about Cashmere Mafia.  Folks at the office seem to be enjoying it, but we’re all desperate for new TV.

Caitlin is definitely my favorite character.  Bonnie Sommerville has the most believable expressions.  It looks like next week’s episode will have the character facing some drama when she gets outed in someone’s well-known blog.  We bloggers… we’re evil, don’t you know? 

I found Zoe’s battle with the stay at home mom to be a bit cliched, but I did want to smack Zoe’s husband for willingly putting himself in a situation where we all know he’s going to be tempted.  Zoe renting that doubledecker bus at the end was genius, though.  And where have I seen the woman playing the stay at home mom?  She’s very familiar…

I’m still waiting for Lucy Liu to really catch fire on the show.  I see moments but the character just doesn’t seem strong enough for Liu’s talents, yet.  I was glad to see her giving her assistant a shot at moving up the corporate ladder.  And how great was it that the woman had a normal figure?? 

So the show hasn’t exactly approached greatness, yet, but at least it gives us something to watch.  Thoughts?

Meanwhile I’m catching up on the final Grey’s Anatomy and CSI of the season.  I’ll report on them later.  I did catch Numbers and Stargate: Atlantis as well. 

So what do you think is worth watching as all our favorite shows go into writers’ strike limbo?  I need suggestions, people!  I’m starving for something good to watch!


~ by promogirl on January 12, 2008.

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