Medium’s mid-season return


Medium is finally back and it’s about time.

I just finished watching last night’s episode.  I must confess to being amazed at how Angelica Houston can do so much with so little dialogue.  She’s already an intriguing mystery, and I’m glad will have several episodes to puzzle over her character and motivations.  I’m also thrilled with the direction the show is taking this season.  It’s about time Allison became known for her psychic skills outside the office.  After all, the real Allison Dubois certainly is.

Jake Webber’s Joe continues to be the best, most fully realized husband on prime time TV.  Hell, I want to marry the guy.  The scenes at home always amaze me at how real and effortless they feel.  And you’ve got to love the kids.

As for the season premiere’s plot… finding the kid stuffed in a doll box was just disturbing.  Kudos to the casting director for finding such a wide-eyed boy to play the part of Ben.  Seeing him in that box had real impact.  And how many of you wanted to punch Lee for ignoring Allison’s calls?  How many times has she led him straight to the killer and he’d barely acknowledge her existence.  Putz.  I’d be inclined to work with Houston’s Keener and tell the detective to take a hike.    

So it looks like some pretty interesting stuff is on the horizon for this season.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Now if only Lost and The Sarah Connor Chronicles would start… 


~ by promogirl on January 9, 2008.

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