Cashmere… is it worth watching?

I’ve read plenty of not so great reviews of ABC’s new show Cashmere Mafia.  My favorite was TV Gal on who complained that the leads ate too much.  Seriously?  That’s a complaint? 

I recorded the pilot and watched it tonight.  While certainly not the best new show on television is will do as filler while we wait for the writers and studios to come back to the bargaining table.  All the leads are relatively likable but I found myself rooting for Bonnie Sommerville’s Caitlin the most.  Her befuddlement over falling for another girl was actually pretty darn cute.  The scene after the kiss where she’s just shocked and giddy was a moment I’m sure anyone, gay or straight, can relate to. 

Frances O’Conner’s character comes in second for me.  When she instructed her kids to go draw a picture of mommy’s head exploding… that was pretty funny.  And the guy playing her husband is… well, simply put – hot.  Hey, I’m a girl, I notice these things…   

Being a Law & Order SVU fan my big surprise came in the form of Miranda Otto’s husband.  “Hey, it’s that sleazy defense lawyer from SVU,” I yelled out when I saw him.  Apparently he’s still playing a New York cad.  I wonder if he’s a lawyer in this one as well? 

So I’m giving the show a few more episodes to find its stride.  Rarely is anything awesome right out of the gate. 

Tomorrow I’ll be back to discuss a new season of Medium (with Angelica Houston on-board, no less).  We’ve also got Sarah Connor Chronicles still to come, new Law & Order episodes, and, of course, Stargate Atlantis.  We might survive the writers strike, yet.

And did you hear about Dexter?  The Showtime series is being edited down to air on CBS starting in February. 


~ by promogirl on January 8, 2008.

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