As promised…

I’m back to blog more about “BAMSR”… AKA the Stargate Atlantis episode “Be All My Sins Remember’d.” 

TV is rarely this fun anymore.  Few shows provide action and humor as well as those in the Stargate universe do.  This episode was a prime example of how good the series can be when it all comes together.  Great effects, a huge space battle, enemies joining together to defeat a common foe (in a very unique way), moral dilemmas, and let’s not forget the kickass cameo with Dr. Elizabeth Weir at the end.  I mentioned yesterday that I suspected Torri Higginson’s final episode this season would be this one but I had no idea she was apparently going to become the show’s new villain.  At least it looks that way…  That was a seriously wicked twist. 

I wasn’t initially a fan of Atlantis.  I was a tried and true SG-1 fan and was reluctant to embrace the spin-off.  I caught an episode here and there but it wasn’t until SG-1 was canceled and it was announced that the character of Samantha Carter would be crossing over that I took serious interest.  I rented the DVDs and caught myself up before the start of the season 4.  I must say, I was rather irritated with myself for missing out on the first three years.  The writers have obviously made some tough decisions over the years, eliminating popular characters for the sake of the story.  I’ve hated to see some of them go but the show has been so much better for it.  And now it turns out that the character of Elizabeth Weir will finally have something meaty to do other than stand around looking worried.  Torri Higginson is a fine actress and I hope we’ll get to see her at her villainous best come season 5. 

A few things I forgot to mention last night about the episode.  I loved the way Ronon cleared the way for the Travelers to shoot “Todd.”  Carter’s fierce defense of McKay to Colonel Emerson was a nice touch as well.  And finally… we got to see Rodney and Sam in a scientific discussion.  I’m still waiting for the episode where we see how hard it is for Carter to stand back and let someone else do the science, however.  I mean, the woman thought to blow up a sun once to save herself and SG-1.  How annoying must it be to sit around in her glass office and just wait for someone else to find away to get their butts out of the fire? 

 There was one other program of note last night.  The final episode of Women’s Murder Club aired.  I’m probably in the minority on this one but I love this show.  I haven’t watched the episode, yet, since ABC hasn’t picked it up for a full season (even though it consistently wins its timeslot).  I’m holding onto the last episode so I can savor it when the networks are running nothing but reality trash in a few months.  The show has a lot of rough patches to smooth out, but the interaction between the four members of the “club” makes every episode worth watching.  I especially enjoy the scenes between Angie Harmon’s Lindsey Boxer with Aubrey Dollar’s crime reporter Cindy Thomas.  Those two are a riot.  And I want Claire as one of my best friends…


The show is based on James Patterson’s series which begins with 1st to Die.  A few things remain faithful to the books (like character names) but not much.  For Patterson fans… don’t get your undies in a twist with the changes.  He’s one of the producers so he obviously doesn’t mind… and he’s had plenty of nice things to say about the show.  Hopefully if you haven’t seen it, yet, it will be back in the fall.  Fingers crossed.


~ by promogirl on January 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “As promised…”

  1. I REALLY hope that Elizabeth Weir does not become SGA’s new villain. That means she’ll have to be killed off the show for real by Shepperd and co. and THAT will TOTALLY suck.

  2. I certainly hope they don’t kill her off. I’m thinking it would be far more interesting if the team has to save Weir from herself. It gives Torri Higginson something really fun to do and you know she’d just rock a role like that. I want Weir’s story to end happily as well, but I think giving her a dark turn for a bit could be a blast.

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