A New Blog Is Born

This is probably not the best time to start a blog about entertainment.

With the Writers Guild of America still in full strike mode entertainment – at least television-wise – is about to become very scarce.  Most shows have already plowed through their completed inventory of episodes with only a few having a spare show or three still in the bag.  But there are a lucky few and there is always mid-season programs to look forward to.  Cashmere Mafia, the returns of Medium and Law & Order… and of course we can’t forget Lost.  At least there are a few bright spots in the long cold winter of our TV discontent to look forward to.

So why am I starting a blog now?  Why not?  What happens as the writers’ strike continues will shape the way we seek out entertainment in the years to come.  That we’ll turn to programs on-line is a given.  What kinds of programs will be the interesting thing to watch.  Will it be existing shows like Sanctuary (http://www.sanctuaryforall.com)?  Or new experiments like Quarterlife?  What effects will the strike have on television as we know it?  Will ratings truly decline that much or will we be so starved for programming that we’ll watch any reality dreck the networks throw at us?  Will the networks hold on to their under-performing newcomers in the absence of no new pilot scripts?  Only time will tell – and it should be a pretty interesting story.

All that aside… the main purpose of my blog here is just to have a forum to talk about the latest in entertainment.  My favorite shows, lines, internet findings… you name it.  If you stumble across this blog I’d love to hear your thoughts… about what you see here… what shows and films you love.  For me there is nothing better than sitting around and disecting every scene from Lost with friends or sharing a laugh at the funniest lines from 30 Rock.  And we can’t forget swapping the latest find on YouTube.

So what should we talk about first?



~ by promogirl on December 28, 2007.

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